Encyclopaedia of Merchandising (Volume I to V)

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Year of Publication : 2009

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About The Book

Merchandising is one of the most purposeful and useful disciplines in today`s global economy. If refers to all that goes in promoting and sustaining certain categories of commercial activity, including methods, practices and operations. The term is also understood to have different meanings, depending upon the context. It is a combination of marketing theory and practices, making effect on maximizing sales of the product by way of designing, packaging, pricing and displaying goods and products. A number of tasks are undertaken, for instance, a merchandiser has to take into account the tasks, like; product packaging; signage; proper placement in the stores; proper display in terms of colour, size, shape, etc,; good publicity; and schemes, leading to promotion, such as discounts in prices and various plans of special offers. And of all these, planning is of the greatest import.

Present work, Encyclopedia of Merchandising is a valuable asset for all scholars and readers.


Book Content of Encyclopedia of Merchandising (Volume I to V)

Volume I

  1. Introduction
  2. Marketing Strategy
  3. Merchandising Policy
  4. Merchandise Planning
  5. Merchandising Organization
  6. Merchandising Business
  7. Merchandising Management
  8. Merchandising Leadership
  9. Merchandise Skill and Decisions


Volume II

  1. Promotion of Merchandising
  2. Merchandising Techniques
  3. Merchandise Displays
  4. Merchandise Sales Sales Promotion
  5. Merchandising Distribution
  6. Merchandise Retailing


Volume III

  1. Merchandising and Marketing
  2. Merchandising Strategies
  3. Merchandising Objectives
  4. Merchandising Targets
  5. Merchandise Function
  6. Merchandising Economy
  7. Merchandising and Quality
  8. Merchandise Production
  9. Merchandising Products


Volume IV

  1. Service Merchandise
  2. Brand Merchandising

About The Author

M. Najeeb Khan, an M.Sc, MBA is an authority on Business Management. An Aligarh Muslim University product, he has attained specialization in Mercantile Disciplines, Currently, he heads and runs a chain of retail outlets and catering services in U.P. with his science backdeop, he has evolved new strategies and methods in management, in a perfect scientific manner, which makes his projects flawfless and foolproof to a great extent.

Of late, he ahs diversified into professional writing. This reserved-based, authentic and exhaustive work in the result of his painstaking and tiresome efforts, over the years. This is his first book on the subject.

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