Quantitative Methods For Management Decision

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Year of Publication : 2017

No. Of Pages : 608

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About The Book

In modern era of increased complex and competitive business world, an insight to the students to perceive knowledge on Quantitative Methods which are the decision-making tools for inferring logic and scientific conclusions with precision is in fact an utmost and indispensable. An inclination and interest to be imbibed in the minds of students on Quantitative methods by simple, specific and clear with clarity approach with topical situations is more pathways. Obviously, this approach equips students, researches and managers of decision-making with knowledge to identify, formulate and draw scientific inferences and thereon suggestions for implementation. Author has made a splendid efforts to meet this objective.


Book Content of Quantitative Methods For Management Decision

Unit 1 Basic of Statistic
Unit 2 Sampling Techniques
Unit 3 Measures of Central Tendency
Unit 4 Dispersion
Unit 5 Correlation and Regression Analysis
Unit 6 Time Series
Unit 7 Index Numbers
Unit 8 Probability and Probability Distribution
Unit 9 Theory of Estimation
Unit 10 Testing of Hypothesis
Unit 11 Statistical Quality Control
Unit 12 Matrix
Unit 13 Linear Programming
Unit 14 Statistical Decision Theory

Knowledge Test
Statistical Tables

About The Author

C.R. Reddy -

M.Com., M.Phil., Ph.D.,

Department of Commerce,

Sri Krishnadevaraya Universities,

Anantapur (A.P.) - 515 003.

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