Administrative Office Management

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2017

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About The Book

While the book is geared specifically for the university and professional students, it is equally suitable for teaching community and practicing managers.

The present eighth edition of the Book "Administrative Office Management", earlier entitled as "Office Organisation & Management" incorporates almost all the changes that have taken place in the realm of Office Management A comparison of today`s office with the office of a decade earlier explains the advent of information explosion and tremendous transformations in the management of Modern Office. The advent of E-mail, Table PC, Pen Drive, Voice Mail, i-phone, g-phone, broadband spectrum, LCD and Plasma TVS, Tele and video conferencing, CISCO Telepresence, LAN and WAN, Venn fur, Vivid 2020 and several other gadgets have changed the face of Modern Office. "The Paperless Office", "The Global Office", "The Mobile Office", and "The office in your Pocket" have come to be recognized as relevant and feasible. Special emphasis has been given to restructure the book in the light of above advancements made in the Mechanisation of `Office` and `Office Communication`. The growing popularity of `Vaastu` and `Feng Shui` concepts and their use in offices have been recognized by including a special `APPENDIX` at the end of the Book. In addition, three new topics `The Art of Speech Making`, `The Art of Listening` and `Office Etiquette` have also been incorporated as Appendices. University and Professional Examinations syllabi and questions upto July 2009 also have also been incorporated at appropriate places.

While the book is geared specifically for the university and professional students, it is equally suitable for teaching community and practicing managers.


Contents :

1. Modern Office and Its Functions
2. Office Management
3. Office Organisation
4. Office Administration
5. Office Space Management
6. Environment Management
7. Office Systems and Procedures
8. Office Services
9. Office Machines and Equipment
10. Office Forms - Design, Management and Control
11. Records Management
12. Office Stationery and Supplies
13. Communication Management
14. Office Correspondence and Mail Service
15. Management Reporting
16. Human Resource Management
17. Work Improvement & Work Measurement
18. Secretarial, Clerical and Reception Services
19. Collection of Data
20. Control of Office Costs
21. Miscellaneous Topics
Syllabi of Office Management

About The Author

Dr. R.K. Chopra is an associate professor in the department of commerce at the college of Vocational Studies, University of Delhi. He is an alumnus of the prestigious Shri Ram College of Commerce. He has also done L.L.B. From the University of Delhi. He was All-India Topper at the D.C.L. Examination conducted by the Indian Law Institute. He has done his Ph.D. on the The Patent System in India: The International Context. He has written more than 10 books in the areas of Management, Law, Accounting, Costing, etc. His areas of interest include: Finance, Management and Indian Patent System. He has also attended large number of National Level seminars on Finance, Banking, Stock Exchanges, Patent Systems, etc.

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