Advertising And Personal Selling

ISBN Number : 978-93-5024-618-4

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Book Edition : Second

Year of Publication : 2017

No. Of Pages : 370

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About The Book

1. An authentic, simple and crisp presentation of the subject matter.
2. Various concepts have been explained in a lucid, pragmatic and student friendly language.
3. Covers the detailed syllabus of Delhi University for the students of B. Com. (H) III year.
4. Each paragraph is distinctly numbered and starts with relevant background of the subject.
5. Previous years questions have been given in the appendix for reference.

Book Content of Advertising And Personal Selling
  1. Nature and Importance of Advertising
  2. Advertising Budget
  3. Media Decisions
  4. Advertising Copy and Elements
  5. Advertising Appeals
  6. Measuring Advertising Effectiveness
  7. Advertising Agency
  8. Ethical and Legal Aspects of Advertising
  9. Nature and Importance of Personal Selling
  10. Customer Knowledge and Buying Motives
  11. Knowledge of Products and Markets
  12. Process of Effective Personal Selling
  13. Handling Objections
  14. Closing the Sale
  15. Customer Follow-up
  16. Sales Management
  17. Sales Forecasting
  18. Sales Budget, Sales Quota and Sales Territories
  19. Sales Force Management
  20. Recruitment and Selection
  21. Training and Development
  22. Direction and Supervision
  23. Motivation and Compensation
  24. Performance Appraisal
Question Papers

About The Author

Dr. Namita Rajput did her M . Com. From University of Delhi and Ph. D. from Delhi School of Economics. She holds an advance diploma in information technology and E-Commerce. She has written an article in international encyclopedia for organizational behavior on “Values and Attitude” published by Pentagon Press. She has authored a number of books in the fields of business organization and management, business communication, values and ethics, democracy and governance, computers and information system.

Dr. Neeru Vasishth did her M. Com. and M. Phil. From Delhi School of Economics (Delhi University) and Ph.D. from Jaipur university. Her fields of interest include various aspects of corporate behaviour like business management, business organisation, business communication and business ethics. She has authorized many books on her subject of interest and also written articles with some leading journals.

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