Managerial Economics and Financial Analysis

ISBN Number : 978-93-5097-822-1

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2013

No. Of Pages : 406

About The Book

This book is prepared in accordance with the latest syllabus prescribed by the Jawaharlal Technological University, Kakinada for the second year students of B.Tech. This book has been divided into two parts. First part deals with 'Managerial Economics' and second part deals with 'Financial Accounting'.

Managerial Economics, Business Economics, Economics for Business and Management or Economics of the firm are the synonyms of courses commonly designed in Applied Economics under Humanities and Social Sciences. This caters to such common needs on the subject taught in Humanities and Social Sciences faculties of the universities in India. The book is the outcome of the author`s long service in teaching and experience.

Managerial Economics is not just a body of principles and theories, or an art of application, but it is rather a way of thinking. This book intends to inspire the student to learn the logic of choice for optimization and the way of thinking towards a decision process. This book strikes a balance between theory and practice in a sufficient manner while maintaining an analytical approach.

The second part of the book is designed to help the reader understand the managerial aspects of the accounting information. Accordingly, the approach taken is to discusses the methods, concepts and process of generating financial statements. It is designed for persons with little or no background in accounting. Therefore, exercises and cases have been included to enhance the students understanding of the concepts. The book will be useful for students of B.Tech., MCA and MBA. It will also be useful to corporate executives with non-accounting background.


Contents :

1. Introduction to Managerial Economics
2. Demand Analysis
3. Elasticity of Demand
4. Demand Forecasting
5. Theory of Production
6. Cost Analysis
7. Least Cost Combination of Inputs
8. The Production Function & Cobb-Douglas Production Function
9. Break Even Analysis
10.1 Structures of Market
10.2 Monopoly
10.3 Monopolistic Competition
10.4 Oligopoly
11. Managerial Theories of the Firm
12. Pricing Policies
13. Internet Pricing Models
14. Types of Industrial Organization
15. Business Cycle
16. Introduction to Financial Accounting
17. Financial Analysis through Ratios
18. Capital Budgeting

About The Author

Dr. T.V. Ramana -

Faculty Member,

Department of Economics

Andhra University Campus, Kakinada.

V. Kiran Kumar -

Department of Management Studies,

 Sri Vasavi Engineering College,

Tadepalligudem, W.G. District.

Dr. B. Kuberudu -


Department of MBA,

Andhra University Campus,


Dr. N. Subramanyam -

Department of Business Administration,

S.R.K. Institute of Technology,

Enikepadu, vijayawada-521 108,

Krishna District - A.P.

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