Business Communication and Soft Skills

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Year of Publication : 2009

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About The Book

It is axiomatic that everybody wants to succeed in life through their special talent. But in this race to succeed only some can fulfill their dreams. It has become very clear that all people, especially managers with good technical skills are not able to excel in their profession because they do not have adequate soft skills which are treated as life skills. These skills do not mean just good English. It encompasses area such as a warn smile, good time management, positive approach, euphemisms, body language, proper hand shake etc.

Book Content of Business Communication and Soft Skills

Chapter 1 Features of Indian English
Chapter 2 Communications
Chapter 3 Types of Communications
Chapter 4 Technical Presentations
Chapter 5 Formal and Informal Interviews
Chapter 6 Written Communication
Chapter 7 Letter Writing
Chapter 8 Fax and email
Chapter 9 Technical Report Writing
Chapter 10 Case Studies

About The Author

G.S.R.K Babu Rao - 

EFL University,


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