Practical Manual of Modern Microbiology

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Year of Publication : 2016

No. Of Pages : 222

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About The Book

It gives us great pleasure in introducing this volume entitled "Practical Manual of Modern Microbiology." This volume is based on the practical experiments in different domains of Microbiology. In order to make it more user friendly, the book is divided into four sections, viz. Basic and Applied Microbiology, Biochemistry, Plant tissue culture and Molecular Biology. The section I includes Microscopy, staining, sterilization, culture transfer and environmental microbiology, section II includes the chemistry of biomolecules and enzyme assay. The section III deals with the different aspects of plant tissue culture while the section IV includes the different methodologies involved in molecular biology. These topics have been delivered by experts in the relevant fields with their experience to reach the students for almost a decade.

The salient features of this book include:

- Working Principle and theories of relevant experiments.
- Detailed illustrations.
- Relevant tables with the ways to represent the results.
- Precautions to be taken for each of these experiments.
- Relevant calculations to substantiate the results.

This multidisciplinary approach makes the book more attractive and can be self-learning medium effective even in absence of the expert. This volume will be effective for any undergraduate or post graduate students undertaking a practical course in the field of Biological Sciences.


Contents :

1. Microscopy - Dr. Arup Kumar Mitra
2. Staining - Dipanjali Saha
3. Sterilisation and Culture Media - Dipanjali Saha
4. Culture Transfer Techniques - Debjani Dutta
5. Air, Water and Soil Microbiology - Dr. Madhumita Maitra
6. Qualitative Tests For Biomolecules - Dr. Kasturi Sarkar
7. Enzyme 4 - Dr. Sudeshna Shyam Chowdhury
8. Plant Tissue Culture - Dr. Anindita Banerjee
9. Molecular Biology - Dr. Mahashweta Mitra Ghosh

About The Author

Dr. Arup Kumar Mitra Ph.D. Post Graduate in Botany from Calcutta University with Spcialization in Mycology and Plant Pathology, Ph.D. in Botany from Calcutta University. Twenty years of teaching experience in St. Xavier`s College and started the post Graduate Department of Microbiology in St. Xavier`s College. Recipient of National Merit Scholarship, Government of India. Post Doctoral training from South Bank University, London. Has attended several seminars in India and abroad. Has published more than 30 papers in peer reviewed National and International Journals. Authored 16 different text books on Botany, Biological Sciences and Environmental Sciences. Fellow of Indian Botanical Society, International Society for Nature and Natural Resources and also the society for Applied Biotechnology.

Dr. Kasturi Sarkar Ph.D. Post Graduation in Biochemistry from Calcutta University, Ph.D. in protein Chemistry from Bose Institute, Kolkata, experienced in Teaching Microbiology (P.G. and U.G.) in St. Xavier`s College for the last 7 years. Has published more than 10 papers in peer reviewed National and International Journals. Post Doctoral Research Experience in Germany.

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