Management Operations Research

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Year of Publication : 2001

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About The Book

The book focuses on the practical aspects all through the text, the examples worked out and the exercises at the end of each chapter. It does not purport to make an O.R. expert out of the reader but is meant to create an awareness of the need and scope of O.R. in management. The coverage of the subject should enable a manager see opportunities and participate actively in any O.R. application.

Book Content of Management Operations Research

Part I-Methods

  1. Management and Operation Research
  2. Decision Theory
  3. Linear Programming: Graphical and Simplex Methods
  4. Linear Programming: Duality and Post Optimality Analysis
  5. Linear Programming: Transportation and Assignment Models
  6. Linear Programming: Formulation
  7. Games Theory
  8. Dynamic Programming
  9. Network Analysis
  10. Inventory Control
  11. Queueing Models
  12. Simulation
  13. Reliability Theory
  14. Replacement Models
  15. Sequencing Models
  16. Management of O.R.
Part-II-Case Studies Introduction
  1. T.C. Industries
  2. Vinar Chemicals Ltd.
  3. Preeti Engineering Works
  4. Mahesh Mining Corporation
  5. Nirvana Fertilisers Private Ltd.
I. Network Flow Theory
II. Queueing Theory-Derivation of Formulae
III-A. Finite Queueing Tables (Population N=8)
III-B. Finite Queueing Tables (Population N=20)
VI. Random Number Tables

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Dattaram Advertising Pvt. Ltd.,


M. Satyanarayana -

Senior Manager,

Industrial Engineering,

The Associated Cement Companies Ltd., Bombay.

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