Socio-Economic Profile of Child Labour In A Developing Economy

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Year of Publication : 2001

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About The Book

Child Labour is both an economic and social problem. It can hardly be eradicated by the constitutional provisions and legislation alone, because, object poverty of the households is among its main causes. The study brings into light the role of child labour in alleviating poverty of the households. The discussion in the book centres around the causes and consequences of child labour as well as exploitation of children while at work. The study points out that there is a two way causation as the role of children in economic activities affects the level of household income and the level of household income affects the role of children in economic activities.
The study will prove an informative and most useful asset for studetns, researvh scholars and teachers in the field of Economics, Sociology and Child Labour Studies. Social and economic policy planers, administrators and those who are interested in the well-being of the toiling children, will also find this book as an ideal reference tool.

Book Content of Socio-Economic Profile of Child Labour In A Developing Economy
  1. Introduction
  2. Causes and Consequences of Child Labour
  3. Profile of Child Labour in India: 1981 and 1991
  4. General Characteristics and Wage-Structure of Child Labour
  5. Migration and Child Labour
  6. Summary and Conclusions
  7. Bibliography

About The Author

Dr. B.K. Sharma is working as a Lecturer in Economics in the Department of Education of Punjab State and has been actively engaged in research on various issues relating to socio-economic aspects of child labour. His book Child Labour and Urban Informal Sector has attracted considerable notice and has come to be regarded as pioneering study insofar as child labour is concerned. The present publication has been financially supported supported by the ICSSR (New Delhi). In addition, he has contributed a number of research papers to the journals of repute.

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