Secondary Education in India

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Year of Publication : 2017

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About The Book

In today`s work, education is one of the chief concerns of a nation. The higher the ratio of educated citizens, the higher the chances of developing fast. Earlier, the process and the concept of education used to be very complex and cohesive. Various branches of knowledge were to be mastered upon in order to become a successful teacher or a scholar. However, the whole scenario has changed in the present context. Now, the emphasis is on specialization. Almost in every walk of life, so many branches and sub-branches of education have evolved and a education have evolved and a thorough and comprehensive study of more than one branch would certainly need a prolonged life, which is a thing of the bygone era, now. Of all the job oriented programmes of study, B.Ed. is a preferred one. Various universities, deemed universities and colleges affiliated to them offer B.Ed. courses. On the whole, it is a rich and interesting subject on which much more has been written so far. Here is a series of books for B.Ed. students, as a bold initiative in this direction, which seeks to incorporate the maximum updated information on various aspects of the B.Ed. course.


Book Content of Secondary Education in India
  1. Nature and Scope of Secondary Education
  2. Purpose of Secondary Education
  3. Structure of Educational Administration
  4. Status of Secondary Education
  5. Historical Development
  6. National Curriculum Framework
  7. National Policy on Education
  8. Provisions for Education in Constitution
  9. Challenge and Strategies
  10. Education of Girls
  11. Financing of Education
  12. Alternative Schooling
  13. Professional Growth and Competencies of
    Secondary School Teachers
  14. Role of Various Agencies in
    Secondary Education




About The Author

B.D. Usmani, a post-graduate, and academic in his own right. He has recently diversified to writing and research. Education is his area of interest. He has several books to his credit. Currently, he is engaged in a project on Educational Administration.

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