Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

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Year of Publication : 2017

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About The Book

Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad was a leading figure in India`s struggle for freedom, apart from being a noted writer, poet and journalist. He edited an Urdu weekly newspapers, named Al-Hilal. It was consequently banned, following which he started a new journal, Al-Balagh. He published many works, criticizing the British rule and advocating self-rule for India. It was as a leader of the Khilafat movement that he became close to Mahatma Gandhi. He was elected Congress President for the second time and presided over several annual sessions. He led all negotiations, with the British government, during the crucial phase of transfer of power. He became the youngest President of the Indian National Congress. He always supported the cause of Hindu-Muslim unity and staunchly opposed the demand for a separate Muslim state of Pakistan. He served in the Constituent Assembly, formed to draft India’s Constitution. After India`s independence, he served as the first Minister of education. He was honoured with `Bharat Ratna`, posthumously.


Contents :

1. Introduction
2. AN Illustrious Life
3. Rise in Politics
4. Many Faceted Personality
5. Great Scholar and Litterateur
6. Azad`s Thoughts
7. Azad on Education
8. Views about Azad
9. Significant Speeches
10. Select Letters by Azad
11. Select Letters to Azad
12. Golden Words of the Maulana
13. Great Life at a Glance

About The Author

B.D. Usmani, a post-graduate, and academic in his own right. He has recently diversified to writing and research. Education is his area of interest. He has several books to his credit. Currently, he is engaged in a project on Educational Administration.

Dr. Anil Sexana M.A. Ph.D. D.Lit., and a senior member of Faculty at Agra University, is a reputed scholar, teacher and researchers. Devoted to serious writing and research, he has published some half a dozen books, Currently, he is working on Evolution of Management in India.

Dr. M.A. Shewan, a reputed journalist, author and academic. He is highly qualified, with many feathers in his cap. He has an illustrious career, as a journalist and author, spanned over two decades. He has edited several periodicals and has many books to his credit, as editor and author. He has a large social base, which enables him to study realities of life in depth. Of late, he has devoted himself to serious research and writing. He has, in particular, focused his attention on the lives and works of freedom fighters and other leading figures in political and social life. Currently, he represents in western UP, a leading national group of newspapers from Delhi. He is based at Aligarh.

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