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Book Edition : Sixth

Year of Publication : 2020

No. Of Pages : 932

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About The Book

The present title, with a skilful mix of breadth combined with detail, reviews what is known about ecology. This carefully organized clearly written text book emphasizes the inter relationship between the various living organisms and the contrasting environments in which they live. This text is a painstaking effort in the attempt to include the contribution of the eminent scientists and experts of different fields providing an insight into the new and old basic concepts of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystem particularly the meaning of ecosystem evolution and on the various aspects of environmental science related to conservation of aquatic environment and its resources.


Contents :

1. Introduction
2. History of Genetics
3. Mendelian Principle
4. Physical basis of Heredity
5. Chromosomes
6. Cell Division
7. Crossing Over
8. Chromosome Maps
9. Linkage
10. Interaction of Genes
11. Multiple Alleles and Blood Groups
12. Sex-Linked Inheritance
13. Cytoplasmic Inheritance
14. Sex Determination
15. Non-Disjunction
16. Sex Differentiation
17. Quantitative Inheritance
18. Polyploidy
19. Mutations
20. Lethal Genes
21. Concepts of Gene
22. Nature of the Genetic Material
23. Nucleic Acids
24. Biological Replication
25. Enzymes of DNA Synthesis
26. Ribonucleic Acid (RNA)
27. RNA Biosynthesis
28. Protin Synthesis
29. Gene Expression
30. Genetic Code
31. DNA Cloning and Fingerprints
32. Genetic Engineering
33. Pedigree Analysis
34. Human Genetics and Chromosomal Abnormalities
35. Gene Action and Related Diseases
36. Eugenics and Euphenics
37. Population Genetics
38. Inbreeding, Outbreeding and Hybrid Vigour
39. Gene and Behaviour
40. Microbial Genetics
41. Development Genetics

About The Author

Gurdarshan S. Sandhu -


Deptt. of Zoology

M.M.H. Post-graduate College, Ghaziabad.

Dr. Mohan P. Arora is an experienced researcher and an ardent teacher. After taking his master degree from Vikram University, he joined the Mossfern Laboratory at Barlow Ganj, Mussourie as a scientist in 1970, and a year later, he joined Department of Zoology, M.M.H. (Post Graduate) College, Ghaziabad (U.P.) in 1971. He submitted Ph.D. thesis in 1977 under the UGC Teachers Fellowship. He has 34 years teaching experience. Since 1971, he is engaged in furthering his studies on Reproductive Endocrinology (Cytological approach). At present, he is continuing the same department in the capacity of Reader. He has guided several researchers in Avian as well as Reptilian endocrinology. He is a regular member and fellow of several societies and associations. He attended several international symposia. Apart from the present title, he is an author of several books.

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