Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

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Year of Publication : 2017

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About The Book

Jawaharlal Nehru (14 November 1889 − 27 May 1964) was a great statesman, who was the first (and to date the longest-serving) prime minister of India, from 1947 until 1964. A leading figure in the Indian independence movement, Nehru was elected by the Congress Party to assume office as independent India`s first Prime Minister, and re-elected when the Congress Party won India`s first general election in 1952. A one of the founders of the Non-aligned Movement, he was also an important figure in the international politics of the post-war era. The son of a wealthy barrister and politician, Motilal Nehru, he became a leader of the left wing of the Indian National Congress, when still fairly young. Rising to become Congress President, under the mentorship of Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru was a charismatic and radical leader, advocating complete independence from the British Empire. In the long struggle for Indian independence, in which he was a key player, Nehru was eventually recognised as Gandhi`s political heir.


Contents :

1. An Illustrious Life
2. Journey of Life
3. An Eventful Career
4. Great Leader of the Nation
5. Nehru and Non-aligned Movement
6. Great Policy Maker
7. Nehru`s Global View
8. Nehru as a Writer
9. Significant Speeches
10. Views on Nehru
11. Golden Words of Nehru
12. Nehru`s Life at a Glance

About The Author

Dr. M.H. Syed, prolific writer and scholar in his own right, is a specialist in educational subjects. An academic to the core, he is totally devoted to research and serious writing. Of late, he has been focusing on various matters, concerning education. He has several books to his credit. In addition to the present work, he is currently engaged in a project on "Education for All." 

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