Operations Management

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Year of Publication : 2017

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About The Book

Every organisation makes certain products-either tangible goods or intangible services. At the heart of the organisation is the set of operations that makes these products. Operations management considers the way in which these operations are desired, planned, organised and controlled. It shows how to transform a variety of inputs into useful products.

In recent years, operations management has assumed more importance because of international competition, improved manufacturing processes, more emphasis on product quality and changing customer expectations. The most important factor has been the recognition that an organisation can only be successful if it supplies the products that its customers want.

Operations management has a major role to play in the financial success and profitability of an enterprise in producing tangible goods or offering services to its customers. Operations management is concerned with managing operations-manufacturing or services to enhance performance which leads to higher productivity and profitability.

The materials presented in this book are intended as an introduction to the field of operations management. The topics covered include eight modules viz., Introduction to Operations Management, Introduction to Break-even Analysis, Forecasting, Facility Planning, Employee Productivity, Capacity Planning, Materials Management and Designing Service Delivery Systems.

The depth of coverage in each module meets the requirements of the syllabus of MBA program offered by Visveswaraiah Technological University of Karnataka State. However, students of MBA program of any other university may also find the book useful and adequate.


Contents :

Module 1: Introduction to Operations Management
Module 2: Introduction to Break-Even Analysis
Module 3: Forecasting
Module 4: Facility Planning
Module 5: Employee Productivity
Module 6: Capacity Planning
Module 7: Materials Management
Module 8: Designing Service Delivery Systems

About The Author

K. Shridhara Bhat, a Graduate in Mechanical Engineering with postgraduate diploma in Industrial Management and Master`s degree in Business Administration is currently engaged in part-time teaching as a visiting professor and consultancy in the field of management education and industry.

Earlier, he worked as Professor and Head of the Department of Management Studies, East Point College of Engineering and Technology and BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore during the period of 1994 to 2005.

Before taking up teaching profession, he served Bharat Electronics for a period of about 26 years in the areas of Production and Operations Management, Materials Management, Research and Development, Human Resource Management, etc.

He has authored books in subjects such as – Production and Operations Management, Total Quality Management, Materials Management, Inventory Management, Business Process Reengineering, Operations Research and Quantitative Techniques, Management and Behavioural Processes, World-class Manufacturing, Logistics Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, etc.

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