Techniques of Demographic Analysis

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Book Edition : Second

Year of Publication : 2022

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About The Book

This book is written with a view to appraise the post-graduate students with upto date knowledge of available tools for analysing demographic data obtained from surveys, censuses and vital registration system. This has enhanced the usefulness of the book. In addition, a comrehensive bibliography is provided at the end. The book has been written after several years of teaching technical demography to the post-graduate students of International Institute for Population Sciences, Bombay. With the publicatin of this book, paucity of a standard text book on this subject will no more exist for quite some time to come.

This book provides all the essentials ingredients to the reader to comprehend the demographic process in depth and sharpen his analytical capabilities in the demographic analysis.


Contents :

1. Measures of Population Change and Distribution
2. Mortality Analysis and Life Tables
3. Construction of Life Tables
4. Measures of Fertility and Reproduction
5. Nuptiality
6. Migration
7. Demographic Models
8. Estimation of Fertility and Mortality
9. Population Estimation and Projection
Appendix A

About The Author

K.B. Pathak -

Director, International Institute

for Population Sciences, Mumbai-88.

F. Ram -

Reader, Department of Fertility Studies,

International Institute for Population Science, Mumbai-88.

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