Social Problems in India

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Year of Publication : 2017

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About The Book

This book covers various aspects of Social Problems in India, deals with the subject comprehensively and explains the topics with examples and latest data. This book also covers certain current topics. The first chapter An Introduction to social problems covers the definition, nature, cultural base and approaches to the study of social problems. Second chapter is on population problem with updated information on 2001 census reports. Third changer deals with family disorganization – nature of family organization, concept of family disorganization. Fourth chapter on violence against women – nature, extent and characteristic and also covers recent trends on the evils of dowry system, measures for its eradication following features includes child labour, drug abuse and drug addiction. The problems of Industrialisation, and urbanisation – urban problems, terrorism – latest happening in the national and global scenario. Finally political institution and corruption in Indian Society. This book will give insight to the students of Sociology.



1. Social Problems in Indian Society
2. Population Explosion
3. Family Disorganization
4. Child Labour
5. Problems of Industrialization and Urbanization
6. Drug Abuse and Drug Addiction
7. Violence Against Women
8. Youth Unrest and Agitations
9. Terrorism
10. Political Institution and Corruption

About The Author

Mr. G. S. Purushothama after taking his master degree from Bangalore University started teaching sociology and Vijaya Evening College, Bangalore.

This book has been written exclusively to cover the final year syllabus of Bangalore University. The language is simple and lucid. This book is highly recommended for the students.

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