Banking - Theory and Practice

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Book Edition : Twelfth

Year of Publication : 2020

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About The Book

India has reached a stage of fast economic development and Indian economy is one of the fastest growing economies of the world Economic environment in the country and throughout the world is changing very fast which has a direct impact on the banking sector. The policies of Liberalisation and Globalisation have opened up new opportunities to the bankers to conduct their business with more flexibility and in a professional way. Bankers have been bought within the purview of Consumer`s Protection Act. New and diversified services are being offered by Banks to meet the changing needs of customers and also to meet increasing competition. Banks are permitted to enter into consortium financing and syndicated loans. Investment of bank funds in the corporate securities is liberally permitted. Term lending is being undertaken on a larger scale and interest rate is being gradually revised.

The book has been divided into five parts:
Part-I Indian Banking System
Part-II Banker and Customer
Part-III Negotiable Instruments
Part-IV Lending by Banks
(a) Important terms
(b) Short Notes
(c) Practical Problems

In the end Appendices have been given on various topics, viz - Letter of Lien, Trust Receipt, Mortgage Deed, Reports of Narasimham Committee, Goiporia Committee, Khan Committee, Code of`Bank Commitment for Individual Customers` etc.

In the light-of recent changes the book has been thoroughly revised and enlarged. Some of the latest developments and changes incorporated in the books are-

- Structural changes in ICICL NABARD, IDBI etc.
- Plastic Money - Credit Card, Debit Card.
- Major Banks In India - Financial and Banking Sector Reforms
- Stock Exchanges - BSE, NSE, OTCEL
- Investment, Securities and Mutual Funds.
- Code of Banks Commitment for Individual Customers.


Contents :

1. Commercial Banking In India-A Retrospect
2. Present Banking System In India
3. The Changing Profile of Indian Banking
4. The Reserve Bank of India
5. The Banking Regulations Act, 1949
6. Banking Companies (Acquisition And Transfer of Undertaking) Act, 1970
7. Nature of Banking And Functions of A Banker
8. The Banker-Customer Relationship
9. Operation of Bank Accounts
10. Special Types of Customers
11. Termination of Banker-Customer Relationship
12. Banker`s Clearing House

13. Negotiable Instruments
14. Collection And Payment of Cheques and Bills
15. Principles of Good Lending
16. Loans And Advances
17. Secured Advances-Modes of Creation of Charge
18. Advances Against Collateral Securities
19. Letters of Credit
20. Agricultural Finance
21. Foreign Exchange And Export Finance
22. Credit to Priority And Neglected Sectors of Economy
23. Electronic Banking And Internet Banking
24. Important Terms
25. Short Notes 26. Practical Problems


Appendix I : Specimen Form of Agreement for Cash Credit/ Overdraft
Appendix II : Pledge of Goods to Secure Cash Credit
Appendix III : Letter of Lien
Appendix IV : Trust Receipt
Appendix V : Mortgage Deed
Appendix VI : Memorandum of Deposit by a Customer of the Title Deeds to Secure his Own Account
Appendix VII : Bill of Lading
Appendix VIII : Narasimham Committee Report on the Financial System: 1991-Salient Features
Appendix IX : Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI): Functions & Control
Appendix X : Report of Goiporia Committee
Appendix XI : Reserve Bank Guidelines for follow0up of Bank Credit
Appendix XII : Subsidiaries of Banks and Mutual Funds
Appendix XIII : Khan Committee Report
Appendix XIV : Recent Changes-Legal Decisions
Appendix XV : Review of Monetary Policy for 2007-08
Appendix XVI : Codes of Bank`s Commitment for Individual Customers.
Appendix XVII : Consumer Protection Act, 1986 and Banking Sector.

About The Author

Dr. Prem Kumar Srivastava -

Former Head, Department of Business Administration. M.L.Sukhadia University, Udaipur. Has guided more than 30 PhD`s. Participated and presented papers in many National and International Seminars and Conferences. Was awarded U.G.C. Senior Fellowship to do post doctorate work on "Foreign Collaboration In Indian Industry" which was published in the form of two books.

Dr. Srivastava was founder and editor of "Udaipur Journal of Marketing and "PrabandV" of Sukhadia University" and "Nimay" of Rajasthan Vidyapeeth University. Presently, he is working as Bony. Professor in JRN Rajasthan Vidyapeeth University.

Dr. Srivastava has so far published 12 books and more than 100 papers. He has also guided two major research projects financed by U.G.C. and Indian Council of Social Science Research.

He has also supervised hundreds of research projects of M.Com. & M.B.A. students.

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