Integral Revolution

ISBN Number : 978-93-5202-403-2

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2015

No. Of Pages : 364

Book Weight :380

About The Book

This book is the story of Bowenpally Sudhakar, one of the most dreaded naxalite revolutionary leaders in Indian history.

The young and ruthless naxalite leader, after being fatally wounded in a deadly encounter with the Special Task Force of Andhra Pradesh Police, had managed to crawl on his belly into the thick jungle nearby. There he went through a near death experience. He lay there unconscious for two days.

Sachidananda Bharathi tells the story of the transformation of Bowenpally Sudhakar from a dreaded naxalite revolutionary leader into the `crown prince` of spiritual India and a Prophet of Integral Revolution.


Contents :

PART ONE: Prophet of Integral Revolution
I. Making of a Revolutionary
II. Guru of Light and Love
III. Spiritual Initiation
PART TWO: Foundations of Integral Revolution
I. Unitive Divine Consciousness
II. Holistic Vision of Life
III. Mohini Rao
IV. Sovereign Spiritual Persons
V. The One True God
VI. Philosophy of Peace
VII. Disciple Nation of God
VIII. Joy and Gratitude
IX. An Integrated World Order
X. Enlightened Leadership
XI. The Second Freedom Struggle
XII. Enlightened National Politics
XIII. Gospel of Light and Love
XIV. Religions and Scriptures
XV. Anointed for the Mission
PART THREE: Integral Revolution
I. Crown Prince of Spiritual India
II. Dream of the Indian Youth
III. Destructive Campus Politics
IV. New Indian Renaissance
V. Moulders of India`s Destiny
VI. Words of Blessings
VII. Joys of Life and Love
VIII. The Master`s Call
IX. Desh Vandana
X. First National Youth Parliament
XI. Bharatiya Dharma Rajya

About The Author

Sachindananda Bharathi is a former Indian Air Force Squadron Leader turned promoter of peace and spirituality. An encounter with death in an air accident in 1982 was the turning point in his life. He has travelled widely and has authored a number of books. He is the Founder and Acharya-guru of Dharma Bharathi Mission, Dharma Bharathi National Institute of Peace & Value Education, and Navasrushti International Trust.

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