An Introduction to Database Management System

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Year of Publication : 2015

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About The Book

Databases are essential ingredients of modern computing systems. Although database concepts, technology and architectures have been developed and consolidated in the last decades, many aspects are subject to technological evolution and revolution. Thus, writing a textbook on this classical and yet continuously evolving field is a great challenge.

This book provides a new and comprehensive treatment of databases, dealing with the complete syllabuses for both an introductory course and an advanced course on databases. It offers a balanced view of concepts, languages and architectures, with concrete reference to current technology and to commercial database management systems (DBMS).

The aim of our lecture notes are to set forth the usage of the programme - Microsoft Access - as well as displaying the way it should be taught to the public, paying special attention to the requirements of high school, although some elements of the treated chapters might indicate something extra.

In order to understand what we are saying, and not just learn it, we need to clarify the rediments. The most precision and attention is required by the construction and planning of a database. Choosing the most suitable model, shaping the structure of our database is the basis of our work. It is easy to build on good foundations that is why the first two chapters - in which we will clarify the rudiments of database administration - has a key importance. In the later part, we will discuss the first step of database administration. The structure and usage of the Access itself is not so complicated. Adding and searching for information is not a challenge either, since Microsoft designed its product to be handled as easily as possible, as well as making it quick-to-be-acquired. All this add up to the fact, that it is the most widely used database hadler today. This also played a part in my choice of database handlers.

The usage of the MS Access mainly through practical examples and images to model the process. Since the chapters build on each other, it is important that no part should be comitted, otherwise information gaps may emerge. The course material is also fit a possible revision.


Contents :

1. An Introduction to Database Management System
2. Organization and Architecture of Database Management System
3. Data Models
4. Types of Keys
5. Types of Constraints
6. Functional Dependencies and Closure of Functional Dependencies
7. Relational Database Design
8. Microsoft Access

About The Author

Mr. Dipak Patel is Assistant Professor in S.S. Agrawal college, Navsari in BCA Department. He has obtained his B. Com and MCA Degree from Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat. He has more than 5 years Teaching Experience. He is guiding TYBCA students for their final year project and seminar from last 4 years. He has 4 papers published in state and national level in various seminars, journals and conferences. He has attended research oriented many seminars, conferences and workshop. His areas of interests are Programming Languages, Database Management, Cloud Computing, Network Technologies, Web Technology and Artificial Intelligence.

Mr. Snehal K. Joshi is currently working as Dept. Head at Department of Computer, Dolat-Usha Institute of Applied Sciences & Dhiru-Sarla Institute of Management and Commerce, Valsad. He possesses sound technical background and experience in the professional field. His academic background is B.E. (Computer Teachnology) and M.Sc. (IT). He possesses exxperience of 9 years working with corporate and 14 years of academics. This is his sixth book as co-author. He has contriguted to write books on "Organizational Behaviour", "Interview Tips - Tricks and Techniques", "Essence of C-Programming Language", "Ecommerce and Cyber Security", "Essence of Java" and "Essence of PHP and MySQL". His four papers are published in International Journals. He has presented 3 papers in International Conferences and 2 papers at National Conferences. His areas of interests are Programming languages, Database Management, Image Processing, System Programming and Artificial Intelligence.

Mr. Mehul N. Patel holds B.Com. and MCA Degree from Veer Narmad South Gujrat University, Surat. He has more than 6 years Teaching Experience. He is and In-charge Principal at BCA College Masma, Olpad Main Road, Surat. He has published 1 papers in state level seminars and attended many workshop and conferences. His areas of interests are Programming Languages, Database Management and Web Technology. Mehul sir is popular among students for his knowledge based easily understandable method of teachin.

Mr. Jaimin Shukla is Assistant Professor in Sutex Bank College of Computer Application and Science. He has done MCA from VNSGU. He has also completed M.Phil. from TGOU. He is perusing student of Ph.D. He is in academic field since more than seven (7) years. He is guiding TYBCA students for their final year project. He has attended many seminars, workshops and conferences. He is Sport In-charge and also having experience as Coordinator in VNSGU for examination department. His areas of interests are Programming Languages, Database Management and Web Technology.

Mr. Jvalant K. Patel is a Head of Department in BCA in Shri Manilal Kadakia College of Management and Computer Studies, Ankleshwar. He has completed M.Phil. from The Global Open University. He has 7 years of teaching and 2 years of industrial experience. Currently working as technical head of KURM (Kadakia International Journal of Research in Multidiscipline) techinical board. Attended various faculty development programs in VNSGU. He has published many papers in state level seminars and also attended many workshops and conferences. Handling exam activity adn sports activity in college. His areas of interests are Programming Languages, Database Management, Computer Graphics and Web Technology.

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