Managerial Economics

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Year of Publication : 2019

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About The Book

Teaching and learning should be like pleasure excursion to discover new outlook and to attain greater heights of knowledge. The basic purpose of teaching is to look after curiousity in such a manner that clear value addition takes place.

The book "Managerial Economics" offers an overview of the concept, explanation, illustrations, problems and best practices associated with some key areas of introduction to managerial economics, demand analysis, supply analysis, production and cost analysis, pricing methods and strategies and market classification.

While teaching different subjects to students of Management and Commerce we strongly felt the need for a text book which would be written in simple explanation and simple illustrative language with sufficient support from real business world information. Students of management and commerce programs come from different streams, many of them have never studied the concepts, like introduction to introduction to managerial economics, demand analysis, supply analysis, production and cost analysis, pricing methods and strategies and market classification.

This book is designed to provide the need for all categories of students by giving simple explanation and illustrations.

Although the book is designed to promote self learning, yet no one can deny the role of a teacher in an effective learning process. Therefore, the book has many supplements to facilitate teachers of the course in more efficient discharge of their lectures and dissemination of knowledge.

We believe that the book is suited for self-study. The acquired knowledge will definitely be more delicate and depth compared with what can be achieved under the guidence of an experienced instructor. It provides an up-to-date first foundation for informed discussion.

The book has a user-friendly design, featuring margin notes and definitions that emphasize important concepts. Exercises geared towards each chapters central ideas consolidate the acquired knowledge. An extensive and innovative use of graphs facilitates access and enhances learning success.


Contents :

UNIT 1 - Nature and Scope of Managerial Economics
UNIT 2 - Demand Analysis
UNIT 3 - Production and Cost Analysis
UNIT 4 - Pricing Methods and Strategies
UNIT 5 - Market Classification

About The Author

Professor D.M. Mithani has a Masters Degree in Economics and a Ph.D. in Banking and Finance from the University of Mumbai.

Dr. Mithani has teaching experience of over five decades serving in India at the University of Mumbai and the Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS), Mumbai, besides his long-term association with the Universiti Utara Malasiya (UUM) at Malasiya and the Prince of Songkhla University (PSU) (Hatyai) and Thaksai University (Songkhla) at Thailand. He is also Adjunct Professor at Oriental Institute of Management, Vashi, Navi Mumbai. He was an elected member of the Executive Committee of the Indian Economic Association during 1988-1994. He is also having a honoured position of being an Professor Emeritus at the L.J. Institute of Business Management.

Dr. Mithani is a prolific writer. He has contributed widely to many journals, national and international seminars and conferences. He has published over 50 books in the field of Economics and Management. His latest publications include: Beyond Rhythms of Management, Management Economics, International Economics and Global Trade and Finance.

Dr. U. Thirunavukkarsau -

MA, M.Phil, MBA, Ph.D.,

Associate Prof. & Head,

Department of Economics,

D.B. Jain College (Autonomous), Chennai.

Dr. S. Murugasen -

MBA, M.Com., M.Phil, Ph.D.


Thiruthangal Nadar college, Selvayal,

Kannadasan Nagar, Chennai.

Dr. T. M. Kuthubudeen -

MA(Eco). M.Phil (Eco) (Mgt). Ph.D.,

Professor & Directot, Department of Management,

Mohamed Sathak College of Art and Science, Chennai.

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