Business Mathematics

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Book Edition : Third

Year of Publication : 2021

No. Of Pages : 634

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About The Book

Business Mathematics, a subject, has gained considerable importance over last few years. It deals with the applications of certain areas of Mathematics such as Calculus, Matrices, Linear Programming etc. in solving problems of Commerce, Management and Economics. Therefore, one must have knowledge of Mathematics along with exposure of Commerce and Economics to Understand the subject properly.

In view of this, the book, the book has been designed in such a manner a student who has no prior knowledge of Commerce, Economics or even Mathematics will be able to understand the subject comfortably. The book features an optimum combination of theory and applications of various topics begin covered in undergraduate and post graduate programmes. The primary strength of the book lies in the simple, lucid and illustration presentation.

In this edition the following additions have been made :
- Number of solved illustrations have been increased in all the chapters dealing with application of mathematics in economics and commerce.
- Chapter on `Transportation and Assignment` has been redesigned and simplified by inserting new text and examples. `Stepping stone method` and `MODI method` have been simultaneously applied on the same problems so as to give better understanding of their fundamentals.
- Chapter on `Matrices and Determinant` has been enlarged so as to include closed input-output model and other relevant issues.
- The uses of index row in the optimal solution table has been highlighted with the help of illustrations in the chapter `Linear Programming`.
- Solved question paper of Delhi University B.Com (Hons.)-2009 has been included in the appendix alongwith paper of earlier years.


Contents :

1. Matrices and Determinants
2. Applications of Matrices
3. Linear Programming Formulation and Graphical Mathod
4. Linear Programming-Simplex Method
5. Functions, Limits and Continuity
6. Derivatives-Concepts
7. Application of Derivatives
8. Partial Differentiation-Concepts
9. Applications of Partial Differentiation
10. Integration-Concepts
11. Applications of Integration
12. Mathematics of Finance
13. Logarithms
14. Theory of Sets
15. Permutations and Combinations
16. Mathematical Induction
17. Sequence and Series
18. Binomial Theorem
19. Algebra of Vectors

About The Author

Dr. J.K. Singh is Master of Finance and Control (MFC) from University of Delhi, South Campus. Besides being Ph.D. in finance, he is fellow member of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICS). He has a number of research papers and books to his credit. His research paper "Corporate Restructuring through Demerger of Undertakings - A Study of Recent Cases in India" published in Chartered Secretary has been awarded first prize by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India. His other research papers have been published in international and referred journals, some of which includes – Indian Journal of Finance, Journal of ANMI, Chartered Secretary, Investor`s India, etc.

He has authored following books: 

(a) Business Mathematics

b) Financial Management - Text and Problems

(c) Fundamental of Financial Management

(d) Venture Capital Financing in India   

He is presently working as a senior faculty member in the Department of Commerce at Ram Lal Anand College (Evening), University of Delhi. Prior to joining academics, he has served Delhi Stock Exchange as Manager, Surveillance and Inspection for more than six years. His area of interest includes - Finance and Quantitative Techniques.

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