Discrete Mathematical Structures

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Book Edition : Second

Year of Publication : 2021

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About The Book

A digital computer is a finite state machine designed based on mathematical logic. Since it works on object oriented mathematical logic, many of the properties of the system can be understood and interpreted within the framework of finite mathematical system. Finite mathematical system is regarded as Discrete Mathematical Structures. A course in Discrete Mathematics is a gateway for the study of Computer Science.

Since the needs and interests of the Computer Science and Mathematics are almost similar, the course on Discrete Mathematics help to integrate Mathematics in the field of Computer Science.

I offer this book on Discrete Mathematical Structures to our Computer Science, Information Science and M.C.A. students to learn cartain aspects of non-continuous mathematics such as set theory, mathematical logic, counting technique, relations, functions, order relations, groups, coding theory and graph theory and to help them in developing the skill of mathematical problem solving, mathematical reasoning, deductions, proofs and recursive thinking.


Contents :

Chapter 1 : Set Theory
Chapter 2 : Mathematical Logic
Chapter 3 : Relations
Chapter 4 : Functions
Chapter 5 : Order Relations And Structures
Chapter 6 : Semi groups and Groups
Chapter 7 : Graph Theory
Chapter 8 : Graph Theory – An Algorithmic Approach
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About The Author

Dr. N.G. Goudru -

M.Sc. M.S., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor and Head,

Department of M.C.A.,

Siddaganga Institute of Technology,

Tumkur - 572103

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