Capital Market And Services

ISBN Number : 978-93-5202-322-6

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2015

No. Of Pages : 178

About The Book

We have great pleasure the first edition "Capital Market and Services" written for students of UG course. The subject matter is written in a simple and easily understandable language with sufficient support from real business world information.

This volume is an attempt to provide the students with thorough understanding of capital market and services concepts, methods and techniques. We have presented the subject matter in a systematic manner with liberal use of charts and diagrams where ever necessary so as to make it interesting and sustain students interest.


Contents :

Unit – 1 An Overview of Financial Markets and Services
Unit – 2 Money Market
Unit – 3 Capital Market
Unit – 4 mutual Funds
Unit – 5 Leasing Finance
Unit – 6 Plastic Money

About The Author

Manjunatha J.M. -

M.Com, M.Phil,

Asst. Prof., Department of Commerce & Management,

Govt. First Grade College, Harapanahalli,

Davanagere University.

Venkatesh Babu S. -

Asst. Prof. Department of Commerce and Management,

Govt. First Grade College, Bhaaramasagara,

Davanagere University.

Karibasappa T. -


Asst. Prof., Department  of Commerce and Management,

Govt. First Grade College, Harihar,

Davanagere University.

Archana B.S. -

M.Com, (Ph.D),

Asst. Professor, Dept. of Commerce and Management,

MLA Academy of Higher Learning,

Bengaluru - 03.

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