Insurance and Risk Management

ISBN Number : 978-93-5142-828-2

Student Price : Rs.215

Student Dollar Price : 9$

Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2015

No. Of Pages : 176

About The Book

We have great pleasure in presenting the first edition "Insurance and Risk Management" Written for students of UG courses. The subject matter is written in a simple and easily understandable language with sufficient support from real business world information

This is an attempt to provide the students with thorough understanding of insurance concepts. In writing this book we have benefited immensely from the studies of a number of books and the articles written by scholars spread over diversely.

We are sure this book will prove to be useful to students and teachers alike.


Contents :

Unit – 1 Introduction to Insurance
Unit – 2 Life Insurance
Unit – 3 General Insurance
Unit – 4 Marine Insurance
Unit – 5 Risk Management and Control

About The Author

Venkatesh Babu S. -

Asst. Prof. Department of Commerce and Management,

Govt. First Grade College, Bhaaramasagara,

Davanagere University.

Manjunatha J.M. -

M.Com, M.Phil,

Asst. Prof., Department of Commerce & Management,

Govt. First Grade College, Harapanahalli,

Davanagere University.

Manjunatha K.B. -

M.Com, M.Phil, PGDKC,

Associate Prof., Department of Commerce,

Smt. Giriyamma R Kantappa Shresti First Grade Women’s College,

Harihar, Davangere University.

S.K. Podder -

MBA, M.Phil,

Lecturer, Department of Management,

Dayananda Sagar Junior Business School,

Bengaluru - 78.

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