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Year of Publication : 2022

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About The Book

The revised edition of the book "Fundamentals of Statistics" by S.C. Gupta was out in January 2012. Since then a large number of teachers and students of statistics from all over the country have been pressing us to bring out the revised edition of our book 'Practical Statistics' which should provide solutions to most of the typical problems given in the Exercise sets of the book 'Fundamentals of Statistics.' This book is the outcome of their valued suggestion and may be regarded as a supplement of the book 'Fundamentals of Statistics.'

This book is modest though determined bid to serve as a self-study text-book, for B.Com (Pass), B.Com, (Honours), B.A. (Economics Hons.) M.Com., M.A. (Economic), course of Indian Universities and also for those preparing for Chartered Accountancy (CA), Cost and Works Accountancy (ICWA) and MBA Examinations. The stress is on the applications of techniques and methods most commonly used by statisticians. The lucidity of style and simplicity of expression have been the twin objective in preparing this text. Wherever desirable, the notations and terminology have been clearly explained and then al mathematical steps have been explained in detail.

A very large number (over 1.200) of typical problems mostly selected from CA;ICWA and various university examination papers have been solved as illustrations so as to expose the students to different techniques of tacking the problems and enable them to have a better and thoughtful understanding of the basic concepts of the theory and its various applications. At many place, explanatory remarks, working steps and alternative methods have been given to widen readers’ horizon. Moreover, in order to enable the reader to have a proper appreciation of the subject-matter and to fortify their confidence in the understanding and application of methods, a large number of carefully graded problems, mostly drawn from various university examination paper have been given as Revisionary Exercise Sets in each chapter. Answers to the problems in the exercise sets are given at the end of each problem All these are bound to motivate and stimulate the reader to work out the given problems independently and so, instill confident in them. This book which contains 20 chapter, is primarily intended to serve a self-study text for the readers Self-help induces self-confidence which is a must for success in any discipline.


Contents :

1. Introduction – Meaning and Scope
2. Collection of Data
3. Classification and Tabulation
4. Diagrammatic And Graphic Representation
5. Averages or Measures of Central Tendency
6. Measures of Dispersion
7. Skewness, Moments and Kurtosis
8. Correlation Analysis
9. Linear Regression Analysis
10. Index Numbers
11. Time Series Analysis
12. Theory of Probability
13. Random Variable, Probability Distributions and Mathematical Expectation
14. Theoretical Distributions
15. Sampling Theory and Design of Sample Surveys
16. Interpolation and Extrapolation
17. Interpretation of Data And Statistical Fallacies
18. Statistical Decision Theory
19. Theory of Attributes
Appendix I : Numerical Tables
Appendix II : Bibliography

About The Author

S.C. Gupta (born 1937), has a brilliant academic record with Honours in Mathematics (1957) from Punjab University, postgraduation in Mathematical Statistics (1959) and Mathematics (1966), both from Delhi University, and M.S. in Statistics (1970-72) from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (U.S.A.). Mr. Gupta started his teaching career as a lecturer in the Department of Statistics, Meerut College, Meerut (July 1960 to March 1963) and then as Associate Lecturer in Statistics at I.T.T. Kharagpur (March 1963 to September 1963). He was an eminent and dedicated faculty member of Hindu College, University of Delhi, since September 1963 and retired as Associate Professor in Statistics in November 2002. Mr. Gupta was a `Visiting Scientist` at Clark Atlanta University, Atlanta GA (U.S.A.) from July 1 to August 31, 2002 under MSEIP Programme to work in a special project on "Introductory Statistics", partly funded by the U.S. Department of Education.

During his teaching career spanning over four decades, Mr. Gupta has taught numerous Statistics courses like Statistical Methodology, Theory of Probability, Probability Distributions, Applied Statistics, Sample Surveys and Sampling Techniques, Design of Experiments, Theory of Estimation and Testing of Hypohtesis, etc. at undergraduate (Honours) level. He has also been associated with postgraduate teaching at the Department of Statistics, University of Delhi for over 15 years. A well-established author of international repute, he has written books on Mathematical Statistics, Fundamentals of Statistics, Applied Statistics, Business Statistics, Engineering Mathematics and Matrices, which have been prescribed as textbooks in most of the Universities. Reading, writing and teaching are still his main passion.

Mrs. Indra Gupta

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