Mathematics for Business and Economics with Applications Volume - II

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Year of Publication : 2021

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About The Book

The book “Mathematics for Business and Economics with Applications” is divided into two Volumes. The first Volume consists of Unit-J of ten Chapter of around 800 pages and the Second Volume consists of Unit-II and Unit-III of Nine Chapters of around 550 pages. The First Chapter of Vol-I, viz., Basic Mathematical Concepts and Result is unique because it presents all the basic concepts with aU the formulae required for a social scientist at one place in this chapter. This chapter includes the following topics with properties and formulae: the number system line, intervals, sets, ratios and proportions, algebraic Inequalities, the I and IT properties, logarithms, Trigonometry (all important formulae), permutations and combinations. The Binomial theorem (both cases), Equations, Mathematical induction, AP/GP/HP/A-G, etc., Seres-Exponential, Logarithmic and Trigonometric, Growth Rates Annuities and Present Value.

The Volume-I discusses Basic Concepts and Results; Functions, Limits and Continuity;

Differentiation Simple as well as Partial and Total, Euler’s theorem; Maxima and Minimal functions of one, two, three and n variables with/without contains; integration; Matrix Algebra-inverse, rank, solution of equations, Gauss method, etc. and I.d/I.i of Vectors, Quadratic forms and Vector differentiation. All topics have been discussed with business and Economics Application.

The Volume II discusses Differential and Difference equations (All cases), Input/Output analysis, linear Programming (All Cases), Game Theory (All cases), AP/HP/A-G, etc. Equations (All cases), Coordinate Geometry, Growth Rates/Annuities-Finding Amount/Sum and Present Value (All Cases). All topics have discussed with business and Economics Applications.

Salient Features
- Exhaustive and comprehensive of all Mathematics.
- Step-by-step explanation with reasoning of basic concepts in simple and easy-to-understand language.
- Large number of illustrated solved example (About 1.300) to give an insight into the basic concepts and a better understanding of the subject.
- A large number of properly graded problems in the exercise sets (more than 4.000) along with their answers and hints to many problems are given.
- A large numbers of Remarks in each chapter is given to make the real and in-depth meaning of the concept quite clear.
- Incorporates the latest examination question papers with answers.


Contents :

Unit – II
11. Differential Equations and Their Applications
12. Difference Equations and Their Application
13. Input-Output Analysis
14. Linear Programming and Simplex Method (All Cases)
15. Game Theory (All Cases)
Unit – III
16. Series-A.P., G.P., H.P., A.G., and Other and Their Application
17. Equations-Simple, Quadratic and Simultaneous and Their Applications
18. Analytical Geometry and its Application
19. Mathematics of Finance : Growth Rates, Present Value, and Annuities and Their application
Appendix : Tables

About The Author

Dr. Balwant Kandoi (b. Dec., 1944) (Fmr. Professor and Chairman / HoD, Department of Economics, Panjab University, Chandigarh, has had a brilliant first-class career throughout. He did his M.A. (Math.), M.A. (Econ.), Ph.D., all from P.U., Chandigarh, and was among the toppers. He had a passion for teaching and, taught in the Do Economics for more than 4 decades and his papers are included Quantitative Analysis-Mathematics and Statistics; Advanded J Statics; Mathematical Economics; and Econometrics. He also taught Quant. Analysis to M.Com. and M.B.A. students in the U.B.S., P.U., Chandigarh. He was the founder Director of Chankya Institute of Management (CIM), Gharuan, Kharar (S.A.S. Nagar), Punjab. He was also the Associate Editor of the Indian Economic Journal (I.E.J.), Bombay (now Mumbai). He was rated as the "Best Teacher" of Quantitative Analysis & Econometrics by all students of all years / sessions.

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