Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour

ISBN Number : 978-93-5202-836-8

Student Price : Rs.70

Student Dollar Price : 3$

Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2015

No. Of Pages : 82

About The Book

The book gives an insight to the subject HRM and Organisation Behavior. It includes the basic concepts of HRM and Organisation Behaviour as well as it has complete relevance with the syllabus designed by pune University. The book is written for the second year BBA students of Pune University. The book has been given a students friendly approach and it will appeal all the students and will make the study more easy to understand, we wish.

This book tries to explain the concepts of Human Resource Management and Organisation Behaviour in simple terms. The book is divided into 5 units that are introduction to HRM, Training and Development, Performance appraisal and salary and wage management and lastly Introduction to Human Resource Management.


Contents :

Unit – 1 Introduction to Human Resource Management
Unit – 2 Human Resource Planning
Unit – 3 Training and Development
Unit – 4 Performance Appraisal & Wage and Salary Administration
Unit – 5 Introduction to Organizational Behaviour

About The Author

Sheetal Kejriwal -

M.Com (Business Administration) & NET,

Assistant Professor,

Birla College of Arts, Science & Commerce,


Nikitaa Prajapati -

MBA (HR), Pursuing Ph.D.,

Head of B.M.S. Department,

L.D. Sonawane College, Kalyan.

Pradnya M. Gaikwad -

B.Sc. (Chem.), MBA – HRM, SET,

Assistant Professor,

MAEER’s MITSOM College, Pune.

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