Economic Reform Policies (ERP) for Sustainable Development

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Year of Publication : 2013

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About The Book

It gives us immense to bring forth our book "Economics Reform Policies for Sustainable Development."

The main objective of this book is to make aware of need of sustainable development debate worldwide for the last four decades.

This book covers issues like Planning status and challenges of sustainable development, Role of Industries in sustainable development, Sustainable development and environment issue, Role of Agriculture in sustainable development, Policies prospects and problem of sustainable development, Regional and sustainable development, New management skill for sustainable development and many more.

This book is presented in a simple and lucid exposition of the complexities of the subject matter for the related tonics. We have tried to make this book more up-to-date.

We have taken best efforts to present this topics in an intuitive and interesting manner so that the reader can quickly grapes the essence of the matter


Contents :

1. Operationalizing Sustainable Development: Issues and Evidence for India - Prof. S.T. Bagalkoti
2. Is Food Processing Industry a Promise to the Growth and Sustainability of New Entrepreneurs in India? An Account of Evidence from the Existing Realities - Dr. B. Sudhakar Reddy
3. Sacred Groves - Sustainability to Uncertainty - Prof. Amrita V. Nadkarni, Dr. Robin D. Tribhuwan
4. Sustainability of Wind Power - Dr. Gautam Bhong
5. Sustainable Agriculture: Transformation towards Economic Development - Dr. Avinash Shendre, Prof. Rupali Deolekar
6. Empowering Women for Sustainable Livelihoods through Joint Forest Management Programs in Andhra Pradesh: Some Empirical Evidence - Prof. Dasari Muniswamy
7. Sustainable Development — Is it a Need or Luxury for the Poor: Some Grassroots Level Reflections - Dr. Arutla Janaki Reddy
8. Financial Inclusion and Sustainable Economic Development - Dr. P. Neelkant Rao, Prof. Ashwin P. Bhinde
9. Policies, Prospects and Problems of Sustainable Development - Prof. Kalpana Vaidya, Prof. Kamini Bhardwaj
10. A Study of South Indian Fast Food Restaurant: Entrepreneurial Opportunities with Special Reference to Areas of Kalyan and Dombivli - Prof. Pritesh Somani, Prof Anand Kale
11. Regional Development: Empowering Communities through Sustainable Livelihoods with Special Reference to the North-eastern States - Prof. Murimy Chhetry Barua
12. Role of Agriculture in Sustainable Development of India - Prof. Asha S. Agnihotri
13. The Organic Agriculture: A Sustainable Development Path in India - Prof. Prashant H.Bhagat
14. Sustainable Growth and Transformation on Water Resource Management and Energy for Faster and Inclusive Growth - Prof. Ashwini Adadande
15. Empowerment of Rural and Tribal Women: A Case Study of MA VIM Gad Chiroli - Dr. Pandit R. Fulzele
16. Putting Tribal Artisans First: Sustainable Development Strategies - Dr. Robin D. Tribhuwan, Dr. Jayshree V. Kharche
17. An Investigation in to the Declining Cultivation of Ragi (Nachani) in Sangmeshwar Tehsil - Prof. Mandar W. Jakhi, Prof. S.V. Takalkar
18. Role of Small and Cottage Industries in Economic Development and Its Challenges — A Review - Prof. Gopi P. Shamnani
19. Entrepreneurial Opportunities to SSI in India in the Reform Period - Dr. Nimbalkar Ratna K, Dr. Nimbalkar Kailas G.
20. Village Industries and Sustainable Development: A Gandhi an Perspective - Prof. G.S. Shikhare
21. Regional Disparities and Balanced Regional Development in India: A Fresh Look - Dr. Ankush L. More
22. Forest Conservation Status and Threats in Raigad District - Prof. R.D. Kamble, Prof. A.R. Kamble
23. Role of Indian Industrial Sector in Sustainable Development - Prof. Dr. Yogesh M. Kulkarni, Prof. Nashiket D. Jawale
24. Regional Development through Floriculture: A Reality Check from Maval Region of Pune District - Prof. Nirmala Pawar, Dr. Ajay Kamble
25. Development of Urban Infrastructure and Sustainable Development - Prof. Gita Mohandas
26. Economic Reform Policies and Indian Financial System with Special Reference to Microfinance - Prof. Vikas Waghu Ubale, Dr. S. B. Pate
27. Significance of Sustainable Development - A Judicial Review - Prof. Roshan H. Khobragad
28. Redefining and Mainstreaming CSR Practices in India to Strengthen Sustainable Development - Prof. Archana V. Rao
29. Sustainable Rural Development and Decentralization: Mahatma Gandhi and Beyond - Dr. Divya Nigam
30. Sustainable Development and Environmental Issues - Prof. Nalini Padmanabha, Dr. Mala Bhaumick
31. Industrial Ecology and Sustainable Development - Prof. Rohini Arun Kasabe
32. Sustainable Development and Environmental Issues - Prof. Subhash M. Khairnar, Prof. Jayshree L. Sen, Prof. Mahesh M. Patil
33. The Role of Agriculture in Sustainable Development - Prof. Morey Damodhar N, Prof. Kakade Ashwini B.
34. Health Security: A Challenge for the Sustainable Development - Prof. K.D. Landge
35. Direction of India's Economic and Sustainable Development – Prof. Shital Khadakkar - Rasal
36. Sustainable Development and Global Village - Prof. Vanita Malik. Prof. Mr. Chandrakant Khune
37. Poverty Reduction through Sustainable Microfinance - Prof. V. S. Sontakke
38. Inclusive Growth for Sustainable Development in India - Dr. Mahadeo Yadav
39. Role of Agriculture in Sustainable Development (Case Study of Dry Banana Business in Vasai) – Prof. Kavita Robert Almeida
40. Issue and Challenges of Sustainable Development in India – Prof. Pradnya Uddhavrao Garad
41. Human Development Indicators among Scheduled Tribes of Maharashtra: An Insight - Dr. Robin D. Tribhuwan, Mrs. Beena Rajan
42. Energy-efficient Project and Reduction of Global Warming Effect with Reference to HHO (Hydrogen Hydrogen Oxygen) Gas - Prof. Pooja Matlani
43. Sustainable Development in Environment and Agriculture and Policies for Sustainable - Prof. Kalaivani Mudaliar, Dr. Jadhavar R.B.
44. Sustainable Development Programmers and Their Effect on the Environment – A Study - Dr. S. R. Junghare, Prof. Pratibha Agrawal
45. Role of Industries in Sustainable Development – Prof. Milind Kulkarni
46. Sustainable Development an Environmental Issues with Reference to Water Pollution - Prof. Babita R. Kanoujia, Prof. Sarwatulain Fida, Prof. Anita P. Singh
47. Role of Industries in Sustainable Development - Mr. Rameshwar P. Rasal, Mr. Mahadev D. Ghatule, Mr. Nilesh Kapse
48. Climate Change: Greenhouse Gases Emission and Kyoto Protocol – Prof. Mahajan Sanjay baburao
49. Role of Agriculture in Sustainable Development – Prof. Shinde S.R.

About The Author

Dr. Avinash B. Shendre obtained hid M.A. (Economics) from Nagpur University, Nagpur, M.Phil. from S.R.T. Marathwada University, Nanded.

He is a Co-author of two books. He has presented 3 research papers in international conferences and 7 in National conferences. He was invited as key note speaker and resource person for the National seminars and conferences.

He is a P.G. recognized teacher and PH.D. Guide of J.J.T. University, Rajasthan and Mumbai University, Mumbai. 05 research students are pursuing Ph.D. under his guidance. Presently, he is working as a Assistant Professor and Head, Department of Economics, Pragati College of Arts and Commerce, Dombivli (E), District Thane, Maharashtra.

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