Business Environment For Strategic Management

ISBN Number : 978-93-5051-104-6

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Book Edition : Second

Year of Publication : 2021

No. Of Pages : 692

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About The Book

The second edition of Business Environment for Strategic Management has been enriched with the following changes:

1. Four new chapters have been added:
Chapter 2 – Business Environment
Chapter 31 – External Sector
Chapter 36 - Business Ethics
Chapter 37 - Corporate Governance
2. At the end of each environmental factor is included a section on its analysis and integration in the corporate strategic management.
3. A new features assignment is added at the end of each of each chapter. If taken up by the students seriously, assignment help them bridge the gap between what is being practiced in the industry and what is being read in the book.
4. Each page the margin notes which are value add to the book.
5. The book has new outlook and multiple colour printing.


Contents :

1. Nature in Business
2. Business environment
3. Meaning and Rationale for Globalization
4. Strategies for Going Global
5. From Domestic Market to Global Markets
6. India, WTO and the Trading Blocks
7. Technological Environment
8. Political Institutions
9. The Constitution of India
10. Rationale and Extent of State Intervention
11. End of Government in business?
12. Economics Environment
13. Industrial Policy
14. Industrial Licensing
15. From the MRTP Act, 1969 to the Competition Act, 2003
16. From Foreign Exchange Regulation Act, to Foreign Exchange Management Act
17. The Companies Act, 1956
18. Public Sector Enterprises
19. Privatisation
20. Small Scale Industries
21. Industrial Labour
22. Industrial Sickness
23. Exit Policy
24. Infrastructure
25. Development Banks
26. Stock Exchanges
27. Monetary and Fiscal Policies
28. Agriculture
29. Balanced Regional Development
30. Price and Distribution Controls
31. External Sector
32. New Economic Policy
33. Cultural Environment
34. Social Responsibility of Business
35. Business and Society
36. Business Ethics
37. Corporate Governance
38. Natural Environment
39. Integrating Environment and Strategic Management

About The Author

K. ASWATHAPPA is a former Dean, Faculty of Commerce and Management, Bangalore University and Former Director, Canara Bank School of Management Studies, Bangalore. He has published more than 25 books on different areas of commerce and management.

He has guided more than 25 Ph.Ds. and has adjudicated theses of several universities. He was the member of several bodies in Bangalore University and on the Boards of Studies of many other universities.

Currently, he is a visiting professor in several B-Schools and is active in revising and writing books.

G. Sudarsana Reddy is Professor of Management at Seshadripuram Institute of Management and Studies, Bengaluru. He is an MBA, M.Com, MFM, and Ph.D. He has been teaching Postgraduate Subjects for the last eleven years in the areas of Financial Management, International Financial Management, Project Appraisal and Finance, Security Analysis and Portfolio Management, and Financial Institutions and Markets.

He has published five books - "Essentials of Financial Management, Advanced Financial Management, Financial Management: Principles and Practice; Financial Management and Strategic Management." He coauthored eight books - "Strategic Management : Text and Cases; Management and Behavioural Process; Management and Organisational Behaviour; Business Environment for Strategic Management; Business Law; Production and Operations Management; Organisational Behaviour; and Business Environment." He has published more than 50 research papers in the journals of all-India repute. He has also presented more than 25 papers in the national and international seminars.

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