Discrete Mathematics

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2015

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About The Book

In this book on effort has been made to present the subject in a lucid manner followed by a large number of examples and exercises to cater the need of students. This book is exclusively designed to meet the requirements of students of B.Tech fifth semester studying in Amity University Uttar Pradesh. Its also include variety of problems asked in other universities. Each concept discussed in the book is followed with solved example which are explained with each step involved in it. This book comprises of huge number of unsolved exercised for the better understanding of the subject and stimulate the interest the interest of students in the subject.


Contents :

Module I – Formal Logic
Chapter 1 : Propositional Logic
Module II – Proof And Relation
Chapter 2 : Theorem Proving Techniques
Chapter 3 : Recurrence Relations
Module III – Sets And Combinations
Chapter 4 : Set Theory
Chapter 5 : Rate of Growth
Chapter 6 : Pigeonhole Principle
Module IV – Relation / Functions And Matrices
Chapter 7 : Relation
Chapter 8 : Functions
Module V – Lattices And Boolean Algebra
Chapter 9 : Lattices
Chapter 10 : Boolean Algebra
Tutorial Sheets
Model Test Papers

About The Author

Dr. Anjali Naithani -

Assistant professor,

Amity Institute of Applied Science,


Dr. Roosel Jain -

Assistant Professor,

Amity Institute of Applied Sciences,


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