Environment Protection And Laws

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About The Book

The solution of environmental pollution, solicits concentrated multidisciplinary concerted endeavour. Ignorance of law is no excuse. However ignorance of fact, what the law is and where to locate it, particularly, in the case of environmental laws, which are techno-legal character, may become a casualty for polluter, preventer and sufferer.

This book provides a coherent and integrated picture of all the laws related to environment, supplemented with technical aspects of its implementation.

It covers Environmental Protection Act, 1986, Environmental Rules, Laws related to handling of Hazardous Chemicals, Factory Act, Laws on water, Air pollution, Public Liability Insurance Act, 1991.

This book will serve as guideand reference book and techno-legal manual for the day to day use of lawyers, industries, judges, techno-crates, secretaries, consultants, government and semi-government departments, research scholars.

Here is complete code on the Environment Laws. It includes latest and up-to-date laws.

1. Environment Protection Act, 1986.
2. Environmental Protection Rules.
3. Laws Related with Water and Air Pollution.
4. Guidelines Issued by Government of India.
5. Code of Criminal Procedure and Environmental Protection.
6. Laws Related with Handing of Hazardous Chemicals.
7. Public Liability Insurance Act, 1991.


Contents :

1. Awareness about Environment. Introduction, twenty-Six Principles, Chipko Movement, Non-Aligned Conference
2. The Environment Protection Act, 1986
3. Notification under Environmental (Protection) Act, 1986
4. Environment Protection Rules, 1986
5. Environmental (Protection) Rules1987
6. Environmental Protection Rules, 1988
7. Emergence of Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974
8. The Water (Prevention and Pollution) Act, 1974
9. Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution)
10. The Air (Prevention and control of Polluation) Act, 1981
11. Laws Relating to Hazardous substances and Factories Act, 1948
12. Environmental Laws and Implementation
13. Important Provisions of the Recently Enacted Environmental Statutes, as Relevant to Industries
14. Factories Act – A Statute on Safety and Health in Factories
15. Safety and Health Requirements under Factories Act, 1948
16. Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 and Environmental Protection
17. Guidelines Issued by Government of India
18. Wildlife Conservation
19. The Public Liability Insurance Act, 1991

About The Author

 Prof. H.V. Jadhav worked with Modern College, Vashi and as Principal in-charge at Veer Vajekar College, Phunde.    Prof. Jadhav is appointed as Principal (IC) of Barns College, New Panvel.   He has taught Environmental Sciences at the Mumbai University for the last 30 years.   

He is instrumental in establishing Environmental Laboratories as well as `common effluent treatment plant` in Maharashtra as an Approved Government Analyst.   

He has authored more than thirty books on various subjects.   

He is recipient of the Fellowship of International Congress of Chemistry and Environment.

Dr. Vinayak Manihrao Bhosale, a doctorate degree holder in biological sciences is a committed environmentalist by nature and profession. He has worked as an Air Pollution Control Officer / Regional Officer in Maharashtra Pollution Control Board for the last 14 years. He has represented his organisation on many national symposium/conferences on environmental pollution.

He is a recipient of World Health Organisation (WHO) fellowship for advanced studies and training in air pollution monitoring and control, in U.S.A. He has a unique experience of working with Environmental Protection Agency of Washington State, U.S.A. during his tenure as a WHO fellow. He has travelled extensively to U.S.A., Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand etc.

As a member of Maharashtra Government`s Task Force, he has made significant contribution in the field of environmental safety and pollution abatement measures in industrial sector. He is a convener of industrial liquid effluent work group for the studies of liquid effluent in Thane Belapur Industrial Belt, a bank aided present conducted by Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, World Atomic Energy Regulatory Board.

His expertise in handling industrial gas leaks, oil pollution of the sea, accidental spillages of toxic gases / liquids during transportation and its containment measures brought him and his organization many laurels.

Dr. Bhosale is a professional expert and visiting lecturer to the students of Environmental Studies in Universities.

Presently, Dr. Bhosale is a Private Secretary to the Minister of State for Industries, Environment and Tourism, Government of Maharashtra.

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