Methods for Business Decisions

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Year of Publication : 2015

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About The Book

Indeed, much benefit could be derived from centralizing the teaching of basic Mathematics in one course in one department, which, in most colleges, would be either the Management or commerce department, if only one such course is offered much needless duplication can be avoided and a single standard of achievement can be maintained. It is for such a course that this book is designed.

This book entitled as a "Methods for Business Decisions" is written for degree students of Various Indian Universities. The related matters are written in a simple and easily Understandable. While writing this book, an attempt has been made to present the Concepts briefly with examples. The present work of us has sincerely tried to the practical areas of Mathematics. The language used is very lucid and more informative to both a beginner as well as a professional.

The book aims to provide required course content of the "Methods for Business Decisions" which is divided in Six chapter. Each and every chapter is explained with formula and illustrations. Review questions and practical problems at the end of each Chapter and carefully selected the view of examination and practice of assignments.

We wish, this book will be of immense value to the student who have interest in Mathematics. It has also handily for facilitators of the course, corporate and other in this area. Though the present work is the result of regress effort in the area of Mathematics still expect and accept valuable suggestions from students and fellow professional in the same field, may this work of us be useful and flourish to greater heights, the author sincerely acknowledge the earlier works in the area of Mathametics.


Contents :

Unit - 1 Number System
Unit – 2 Indices
Unit – 3 Commercial Arithmetic
Unit – 4 Ratio, Proportion and Variations
Unit – 5 Theory of Sets
Unit – 6 Theory of Equations

About The Author

Dr. R. G. Saha -

MBA, M.Com., M.Sc.(IT), M.Phil, Ph.D(fin), Ph.D(Mkt),

Former Associate. Prof. & HOD,

KKECS Institute of Management,

Visiting Professor to Various B-Schools,

Founder, Vision Book House,

Proprietor, Archita Global Education,


Suresha H.M. -

M.Com., M.Phil.,

Associate Prof., Department of Commerce,

Sharavathi First Grade College, Konandur,

Shimogo, Kuvempu University.

Girish Karanth -

Lecturer, Department of Commerce and Management,

Sahyadi Arts and Commerce College, Vidya Nagar,

Shimoga, Kuvempu University.

M.B. Srinidhi -

Assistant Prof., Department of Commerce,

SAhyadri Arts and Commerce College,

Shivamogga, Kuvempu University.

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