Cases and Problems in Marketing Research

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2017

No. Of Pages : 118

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About The Book

Starting out in marketing research area can be difficult without suitable guidance and diagonostic aptitude to set you on the right path. Students and practioners alike need real life situations in the Indian context to follow and apply principles of marketing research. The comprehensive book on Case Studies with Problems is written specifically for students and researchers to equip them with analytical skills

Highlights :
- Real life cases on marketing research with focus on Indian perspective.
- Cases from leading universities and schools of Management.
- Presented in a `users-friendly` language.
- Use of problems for clear understanding of research issues and remedies.


Contents :

Case Study 1. National Paints Limited
Case Study 2. Fertilizers India Limited
Case Study 3. Research On Rural Markets
Case Study 4. Research On Branding
Case Study 5. Consumer Research on Horlicks
Case Study 6. Rural India Prefers To Be Mobile First
Case Study 7. Questionnaire for the Study of Buying Behaviour of Motorbike
Case Study 8. Questionnaire Construction to Study Advertising Effectieness
Case Study 9. PVR Cinema, Delhi
Case Study 10. Mehta Tyres Ltd.
Case Study 11. Airline Industry
Case Study 12. Small Car Company
Case Study 13. New Product Development of Motorola
Case Study 14. Establishing a New Hotel
Case Study 15. Good Brothers India
Case Study 16. Rama Store
Case Study 17. Revival of Parikarma
Case Study 18. The Suman Calender Manufacturing Company
Case Study 19. Selection of Sampling Method
Case Study 20. Marketing Research for Lorino
Case Study 21. J.P. Boon-Moon Marketing Ltd.
Case Study 22. Apple India Ltd.
Case Study 23. Shri Ram Consultants
Case Study 24. Cosmetics(India)Ltd.
Case Study 25. Member Satisfaction Survey of AIMA
Case Study 26. Research on the Young Indian’s Mind
Case Study 27. Wolff Drug Company
Case Study 28. All That Flickers
Case Study 29. The Bookshop
Case Study 30. Launching of Microwave Oven
Case Study 31. Launching of New Genset
Case Study 32. Customer Research on Magnetic Disc Drives
Case Study 33. The Study on Inventory Management to be Carried out at Ranikhet Thermal Power Station
Case Study 34. Data Analysis and Interpretation
Case Study 35. Research for Frozen Vegetable Industry
Case Study 36. Indian Bicycles Private Limited (IBPL)
Case Study 37. Questionnaire
Case Study 38. Valentine Lamp Makers (Lap)
Case Study 39. Defining a Research Problem
Case Study 40. Children’s Magazine

About The Author

Dr. S.L. Gupta is a reader at the MaharajaSurajmal Institute of an affiliate of Guru Gobind SinghIndraprastha University and earlier he was a senior faculty member of Institute of Management Science and Productivity Research. Delhi Productivity Council, New Delhi.     

He has been teaching Marketing Management, Marketing Research and Sales and Distribution Management at the Institute since 1992. He has worked in industry to get practical experience in marketing.     

An MBA from centre for Management Development, Modi Nagar, Dr. Gupta has been conducting various short-term training programmes for many years.

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