World of Garbage and Waste

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Year of Publication : 2015

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About The Book

This book emblematic of a wild and adventurous strain of writing that attempted to marry theory, politics, pleasure and experimentation. It redefines the conceptualization of garbage and waste, radically.

The book is an inquiry on the subject that is intellectually exhilarating and crafted into provocative polemic. Debunking the humanist mythology about the grandeur of civilization, World of Garbage and Waste... suggests instead that the management of garbage and waste is crucial to our identities as modern individuals - including the organisation of the city. Far from rising above the much, the book argues, we are thoroughly mired in it, particularly when we appear most clean and hygienic. At times, it appears that the volume breaks the rules and challenges the conventions of 'proper' academic discourse.

With the rise of the mass market becoming classics in the literature of consumer culture, 'World of Garbage and Waste...' attempts to examine an essential but neglectd part of that culture - the trash it produces and finds in it an unexpected wealth of meaning.

Beofre the twentieth century, garbage and waste was nearly non-existent. Everything possible was reused. Over the last hundred years and more, modern societies have hooked on disposability, fashion, and constant technological changes, and the rise of mass consumption has led to waste on an unprecedented unimaginable scale.

'World of Garbage and Waste...' recaptures a hidden part of our social history, vividly illustrating that what we throw away defines us as much as what we keep. The volume has an illuminating perspective on the modern human society's encounter with the world of goods and a major contribution to the cultural history of modern society.


Contents :

1. The Introduction : Swatchh Bharat Mission
2. The Origin of Garbage and Waste
3. The Invasion of Garbage
4. Rubbish and Prudent Consumption
5. Waste and Growth of Bacteriology
6. E-waste and Global Politics
7. Dirt, Lifestyle and Modemization
8. Need for Waste Concerns
9. Waste : Perceptions of Dirt and Filth
10. The Ragpickers and Garbage World
11. Waste : Genetic Alteration of Mumbai
12. Waste and the City Professionals
13. Psychogeography of Garbage
14. The Epilogue
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About The Author

Dr. P.S. Vivek, has been a teacher of Sociology for over two decades. He has 27 years of teaching experience at the undergraduate and 20 years of teaching at post-graduate level students in Mumbai. Presently, he occupies the position of Professor of Sociology at the Department of Sociology, University of Mumbai.

His research interests includes Sociology of Development, Occupational Sociology, Sociology of Cities, Sociology of Urbanization, Sociology of Underprivileged, Sociology of Management, Sociology of Education and Sociology of Spitting.

He has been a member of several national and international professional bodies including Asiatic Society of India, Mumbai; Indian Sociological Society, New Delhi; Indian History Congress, Delhi; Indian Institute of Public Administration, Delhi; and International Sociological Association, Spain; Society for Advancement of Socio-economics, France, among others.

He has been the recipient of Indo-Shastri Canadian Institute International Fellowship during the year 2007. He has visited several countries for academic participation and conferences including Indonesia (1983), Nepal (1990), Mauritius (2006), Canada (2007), Bangladesh (2008), Egypt (2009), Germany (2010), Bhutan (2011), Brazil (2012), United Kingdom (2013), South Africa (2013), USA (2013), and UAE (2014).

Dr. Vivek has presented 62 research papers in national seminars and 16 research papers in international conferences. He has delivered 33 general lectures throughout India. 29 of his articles have been published in journals and magazines. He was invited to deliver one of the prestigious Annual Public Lecture at the Lucknow University Department of Sociology in 2011.

He was invited to conduct special Seminar-cum-Workshop on Body Language: Essence and Implications in Security Studies by Emirates Airlines, Dubai, UAE on January 21-25, 2014. His involvement in number of NGOs and grass root organizations has kept him involved in academically sound and socially relevant research projects.

Book Reviews

The sociology of human waste is a hugely important but none-the-less under-researched issue. How we produce waste and the kind of waste we produce tells stories of inequity, of population control, of modernization and globalization as well as notable shifts in juman lifestyles. This volume offers a valuable way of seeing how garbage and waste connects to each of these aspects in a developing world.

Ross Coomber, Griffith University Queensland, Australia.

The author delves deep into a fairly unusual terrain in sociology, and comes up with an interesting 'story line' in the field of garbage and waste. Vivek managed to link sociology to this extraordinary topic in a clever way, and fascinatingly relating it to class, poverty, unemployment, sociology of work, public health, natural environment, rural, urban and spatial sociology, modernization and governance.

Freek Cronje, North-West University, South Africa.

"World of Garbage and Waste" - provides readers with a comprehensive and stimulating analysis of what is widely perceived as a major urban problem in highly urbanized developing countries. The author focuses on empirical evidence principlally relating to India with a theoretically informed framework. Wide-ranging set of arguments are built that raise our consciousness of the importance of the social, economic and public health dimensions of garbage and waste more generally - of a lack of hygine. In this way, the subject matter is relevant to other large developing countries in the BRICS.

Tom Dwyer, University of Campinas, Brazil.

P.S. Vivek provides empirically rich, theoretically informed, imaginative, powerfully argued nuances in the World of Garbage and Waste of contemporary society. This volume will be a ready reckoner for those involved in framing social policy in any country.

Pavi Ramhots, Mahatma Gandhi Institute, Mouritius.

At once engaging, accessible and authoritative, World of Garbage and Waste is a brilliant masterwork. Vivek weaves together engaging personal stories and encyclopedic knowledge of this subject to communicate a powerful systematic frame and define a sopt-on agenda for practical action. One can acquire new facts, ideas and inspiration here. The book is 'Must-read' for students, environmentalists and those interested in why we human are on the path to self-destruction and what we can do about it.

Vishal Jadhav, Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, India.

clean drinking water & hygienic disposal of all forms of garbage are the biggest challenges modern India currently faces. Dr. P.S. Vivek makes a commendable effort in dealing with the issue of waste management on a social & ideological level.

Hector Dsouza, columist, India.

It is a biography of Garbage in the history of humankind. A provocative work connecting concepts from Cartesian to Marx to Barthes to Foucault, Professor Vivek, in this scrupulously researched post-structuralist work, contends that the examination of the metamorphosis of garbage in the pressent post-moden age points to a society that is trading tremulously on the edge of a precipice of an abyss.

Prabhat Sharn, Senior Journalist, Mumbai.

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