Jan Andolan

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2015

No. Of Pages : 150

About The Book

This is a compilation of articles written by author on burning issues pertaining to Indian Economy. Author has identified root causes of various problems and suggested creative ideas for turning around India. We must come out from the past legacy and old mindset; that we inherited after Independence and is tilted towards crony-socialism and populism. We need Jan Andolan for the true economic liberalization. Government alone can't turn around India in the absence of public participation. Indian entrepreneurs must play a vital role to make India, a prosperous and vibrant.


Contents -

1. Inter-mixing of Growth, Development and Human Development
2. Inclusive Growth - A Political Slogan
3. Poverty Alleviation Scheme - A Mirage
4. Revised Scheme of Gold Monetization Could be a Game changer
5. Boost Infrastructure Spending to Stimulate Economy
6. Transform India Through Ease of Doing Business
7. Land Acquisition - A Road Blockade to Development
8. When Indian Economy Will be at 10 Trillion USD?
9. Whether High Interest is Good for India? 10. Roadmap for the Budget 2015-16
11. India Must be Globally Competitive to Check Inflation and Trade Deficit
12. Modijee Calls for Jan Andolan for Vikas Yatra
13. Road Map for Adrsh Gram Yojana
14. When Indian Economy Will Turn Around?
15. India's Prosperity - Role of Entrepreneurs
16. Mineral Shortage is Converting India a High Cost Economy
17. India Needs Productive and Efficient Use of Land
18. Regulatory Reforms - An Urgent Need for Economy Revival
19. What Should be Top Agenda for New Government?
20. India Needs Innovative Tax Reforms
21. Get Rid of Old British Colonial Rules and Russian Economy Model
22. What India Needs - A Populist or Development Politics?
23. Interest Hike Can't Control Inflation in India
24. Green Laws Damaging Economy But Not Protecting Environment
25. Land Bill Shall Deepen Crisis to Next Stage
26. Change Mindset and Unlock Hidden Value of Rupee
27. Leverage Gold Stock in the Country to Overcome Present Crisis
28. Railway Needs Innovative Reforms for Boosting Economy
29. Whether Food Security Bill is for Public Welfare?

About The Author

Mr. R.P. Gupta is a graduate engineer with brilliant academic records and having experience of over four decades in managing small corporate. His articles on Indian Economy are seen quite often in different magazines.

"It will be the best day, when entire population becomes self-dependent without looking for subsidy. I wish our living standard matches with that of developed countries and we command respect in the world fratemity. I wish I could see my Great India in such an elevated position in my lifetime".

Book Reviews

Innovation par excellence has always been the driving force for the ways and means of improved environmental performance, energy efficiency and productivity. Your efforts and concern regarding the Nature and Industries are appreciable.

Narendra Modi

Your article on mineral resources is indeed informative. Sectors like steel, cement, fertilizer and power, play an important role in Indian economy. Boosting production, cutting transportation costs and reducing import dependency are vital for giving a fillip to the Nation's economy. I hope that, you would continue to enrich the readers with your thought provoking srticles in future as well.

Akhilesh Yadav, Chief Minister, U.P.

I am thankful for an article written by you. The issues are pertaining to change in economic laws to attract more and more investment from entrepreneurs so as to enhance the economic growth.

Prithviraj Chavan, Former Chief Minister, Maharashtra

Your articles on different topics are very informative and analytical. Deficits in every area are to be curtailed for building strong economy of the country. Present Government is formed with a lot of aspirations, hopes and expectations of people and owes the faith of people to fulfill them.

Anadiben Patel, Chief Minister, Gujarat

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