Advertising Management

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Book Edition : Second

Year of Publication : 2016

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About The Book

As an Advertising Management book, this text is designed to introduce students to the basic concept, practices and analytic techniques of Advertising Management. It is comprehensive in scope, contemporary in outlook, and managerial in orientation. It many be used in advertising management training programmes. Advertising Managers may wish to have a compact book of this kind bearing on the Indian cultural setting which may offer them practical assistance, whenever required.


Contents -

Part I : Introduction
An Overview

1. Nature and Scope of Advertising
2. Classifications and Types of Advertising
3. Role of Advertising in India’s Economic Development: Problems and Prospects
4. Social and Economic Aspects of Advertising
5. Ethics and Truth in Advertising & Social Responsibility
Part II : Behavioural Fundamentals
Communication Persuasion and Market Processes

6. Consumer behaviour and Advertising
7. Marketing Communications Process
8. Perception, Learning and Diffusion Processes of communication
9. The communication Mix
Part III : Building the Ad
10. Planning and Managing Advertising Campaigns
11. Various Advertising Media
12. Building of an Advertising Programme: Copy Strategy
13. Media Selection
Part IV : Budget Decision and Advertising Effectiveness
14. Advertising Budget
15. Measuring Advertising Effectiveness
16. Productivity of Advertising
Part V : Scheduling and Agency Relation
17. Advertising Scheduling
18. Advertising Agencies
Part VI : Public Relations, Industrial and Rural advertising
19. Public Relations In India
20. Industrial Advertising
21. Rural Advertising and Marketing in India
I Selected Bibliography
II Review Questions

About The Author

Dr.  B. S. Rathor holds MBA from Bradley University and held a graduate Scholarship. He also took Ph.D. from PANJAB University where he is a facultymember of the Department of Commerce and business Management for the last 26 years. He has held positions in teaching, Government and industry in India and abroad. Author of 60 research papers in journals of repute, he has attended international Conferences. He won "SHRI RAM" award of the All India Management Association.

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