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Book Edition : Second

Year of Publication : 2023

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About The Book

Microfinance has emerged as an independent branch of study, an industry, a development strategy and a revolution recently. The purpose of this book is to acquaint the MBA Finance students, Diploma for Microfinance Professionals and Diploma / Certificate Examination in Rural Credit students with the contents and latest developments in field of Microfinance. Though primarily meant to be a textbook on Microfinance for management students, the book promises to be of interest to management practitioners, administrators, executives as well in the banking, finance, micro credit and rural credit sector.

The book has been written based on the syllabus from some universities where Microfinance is a subject in MBA or includes Microfinance as a Unit in Financial Management. Besides, the book covers the syllabus of Diploma Examination in Microfinance. The book covers latest topics on Financial Inclusion, Self Help Group, Financial Literacy, Financial Counselling, RSETIs, Women Empowerment, MUDRA and SETU.

The Case Studies with suggestive answers in all the chapters and sub-chapters link theoretical concepts with the real world scenarios and make this book extremely student-friendly. At the end of each chapter, multiple choice questions with most appropriate answers, short answer type questions and descriptive questions have been given to enable the students to test their post-reading acquisition of knowledge. Each chapter contains precise chapter contents / objectives and brief introduction. The book is knowledge based, industry experienced based, teaching experienced based and research based. The volume of the text has intentionally being limited to suit the time, need and syllabus of the readers.

The book will also prove to be useful for the officials of the Public and Private Sector Banks in general and the RRB and Cooperative Sector Banks in particular, who are according priority for expansion in rural areas and promoting microfinance.


Contents -

Unit I : Introduction to Microfinance
1. Microfinance - An Introduction
2. Demand and Supply of Microfinance
3. Microfinance - A Development Strategy and an Industry
4. Role of Grameen Banks in Microfinance
5. Microfinance Innovative Concepts, Approaches and Financial Inclusion
Unit II : Financial and Operational Evaluation
6. Analyzing and Managing Financial Performance of MFIs
7. Analyzing and Managing Financial Statements of MFIs / RRBs
8. Financial Ratios, Capital Adequacy, IRAC and Provisioning Norms
9(A). Revenue Models of Microfinance
9(B). Role of Subsidies and Donors in Microfinance
9(C). Benchmarking and Rating of MFIs
10. Microfinance - Operational Evaluation
11. Business Planning - Impact Assessment - CVP Analysis
12. Cost Volume and Profit (CVP) Analysis - Microfinance
Unit III : Other Evaluation of Microfinance
13. Market Evaluation of Microfinance - Products and Services
14. Pricing of Financial Services
15. Legal and Regulatory Compliance in Microfinance
16. Social Evaluation of Microfinance
17. Role of Ethics in Microfinance
Unit IV : Microfinance in India
18. State Intervention in Rural Credit
19. Bank Linkup and Programme
20. Governance and the Constitution of the Board of Various Forms of MFIs in India
21. Intermediaries for Microfinance
22. Microfinance Delivery Models and Banks Linkages Programme
Unit V : Issues, Trends and Frontiers of Microfinance
23. Emerging Issues in Microfinance
24. Gender Issues in Microfinance
25. Role of Technology in Microfinance
26. Micro Credit as Priority Sector Advance
27. Impact of Microfinance on Empowerment of Women
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About The Author

O.C. Rana, MBA (Finance), M.A. (Economics), CAIIB and pursuing Ph.D. (Management) is presently Director (Training and Placement) cum Assistant Professor (Management) in Sri Sai University Palampur (HP). He is former Assistant General Manager, State Bank of India and Chairman, Regional Rural Bank (PGB). He is Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Banking and Finance. His professional qualifications include certificates in Cooperative Management, Rural Banking, Banking Oriented Hindi and Swift and Net Surf. He is an elected Associate Member of Indian Institute of Bankers and Finance. He is member Editorial Advisory and Reviewer / Associate Editor, Pezzottaite Journals. He has been exposed to various training programmes in Management, Finance, HRM, Marketing Risk Awareness, RTI, Investment Management, ALM, Teachnology Orientation, Chairmen RRBs in State Bank Academy, Bankers Institute of Rural development, State Bank Institute of Information Communication Management and RBI College. He has rich experience of 39 years in banking industry and teaching in various capacities. He has rich experience of 39 years in banking industry and teaching in various capacities. He has attended many national level conferences and presented research papers including in Microfinance. MSMEs, IRDP, PMRY, PMEGP, etc. in Himachal Pradesh Institute of Public Administration, Cooperatives Training Institutes, R-SETI and DIC Training forums. His talks in Banking Advances and RRB programmes have been telecasted in Doordashan and Television Channel. He has passion for teaching, training, writing and research. He teaches Post Graduate Management classes for subjects in Microfinance, Financial Management, Research Methodology, Business Environment, International Business Environment and Finance, Organizational Behaviour, Industrial Psychology, Training and Development, etc.

Hem Raj, MBA (HR), M.A. (English) and pursing Ph.D. in the Management field. He is presently working as Assistant Professor (Management) in Sri Sai University, Palampur (HP). He teaches MBA, BBA and B.Tech. classes for subjects in Business Policy and Strategy, Human Resource Management, Environmental Studies, Principles of Business Economics and Management, etc. He has passion for teaching, writing and research.

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