Human Values and Ethics : In Search of Organizational Integrity

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2017

No. Of Pages : 332

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About The Book

This book is a basic, broad-spectrum work on the twin topics of Values and Ethics. It is not a heavy, scholarly treatise. Except in a few chapters, temptations of polemics have been kept at bay. Instead, its purpose is to convey, as simply and practically as possible, the principal tenets and contents of these two allied subjects. They have been very much in the air all over the world since the 1980s, Society is desperately longing for `holistic integrity`, not truncated efficiency, from its myriad professions. The reader of this book could commence his/her journey, even within existing constraints, towards such a paramount responsibility in a comprehensible, practical manner. To be sure, such a courageous journey should also yield deep existential joy.

This volume has been organized in the following pattern:
Part A: Concepts and Principles
Part B: Vignettes
Part C: Case Studies
Part D: Autobiographical Notes and Milestone Letters
Part E: Dialogues
Part F: Select Bibliography


Contents -

1. Human Values and Ethics (HVE): Explained and Defined
2. HVE: Values Vs Skills
3. HVE: Feeling, Reasoning, Willing
4. HVE: Individual, Society and System
5. HVE: Universal and Local, Durable and Changing
6. HVE: Can they be Taught?
7. HVE and Values Preferences
8. HVE: Freedom and Discipline
9. HVE: Change, Progress, Sustainability
10. HVE: Exploring Ethics Further
11. HVE: What is There in Them for Me?
12. HVE: Choice and Decision Making
13. HVE: Secular and Sacred, Spiritual and Scientific
14. HVE: Duties and Rights
15. HVE: Psychology of Competition
16. HVE: Theoretical Perspectives
17. HVE: Holistic View of Integrity
18. HVE: Affluence and Poverty
19. HVE: Four Ethical Pioneers of Indian Industry
20. HVE: Professional Codes of Ethics, Supreme Court, and the Central Vigilance Commission
21. HVE: Corporate Values Statements
22. HVE: Giving Model of Inspiration
23. HVE: Detached and Attached Involvements
24. HVE: Triple Psychological Forces
25. HVE: Moral Law of Cause and Effect
26. HVE: Lower Self and Higher SELF
27. HVE: Stress Management and Integrated Personality
28. HVE: Rajarshi Leadership and Team Spirit
29. HVE: Quality Mind Process (QMP)
30. HVE: How to Institutionalise?
V-1 Cloak and Dagger
V-2 Dr. Anand Shukla
V-3 Freedom
V-4 Oblivion
V-5 Vijay and the Old Man
V-6 Yoga-Kshema-Vahamyaham
V-7 Lost and Found
C-1 National Electricals Ltd.
C-2 How Many Cats in the Bag?
C-3 A Promise to Honour
C-4 Whither Systems?
C-5 Power and Ethics
C-6 White Turns Red
C-7 Mithyameva Jayate?
C-8 Followers and Leaders
C-9 Fast or Slow?
C-10 Sanatan College
C-11 smart Exeellence
C-12 The Ganga
C-13 J.R.D. Dismissed
A-1 The Head of a Major Division in a Public Enterprise
A-2 A Chief Manager - HRD (Public Sector)
A-3 The CEO of a Private Sector Company
A-4 The Chief Vigilance Officer of a PSU
L-1 Jamsetji Tata to Swami Vivekananda
L-2 Subhas Chandra Bose to Saklatvala
L-3 G D Birla to Basant Birla
L-4 Jon Torbiorsson to the First Author
L-5 Under Secretary, GOI, to the First Author
D-1 Alienation from Ancient Culture
D-2 The Vigilant Eye of Karma
D-3 Market Economy and Ethics
D-4 Leading By Divine Voice
D-5 Indian Values and MBA`s
D-6 Confused Society, Unstable Standards
D-7 Religion and Ethics
D-8 Renewal of self to Spirit
D-9 Defence and Discipline
Select Bibliography

About The Author

S.K. Chakraborty (1940) had been a 1st ranker of Kolkata University in his Masters examination, and a 1st ranker in India in the final examination of the Institute of Cost and Works Accountants. As a Commonwealth Scholar, he did his Ph.D at Liverpool University (UK).

He has five decades of post graduate teaching experience at various universities in India, US, Europe and Australia. His last 33 years of teaching was done at IIMC, where he had set up the Management Centare for Human Values in 1992. He is author and co-author of 36 books, of which 23 are in the field of Indian Ethos, Ethics and Human Values. He has also initiated and edited three Journals, namely, Decision, Journal Human Values and Shraddha. He has travelled to most parts of the world for addressing seminars and conferences and holding Workshops on the above themes.

He has been on the Boards and Expert Committees of several GOI institutions. Until recently he was a member of the BOG, IIM Indore. Presently he is Mentor Emeritus at the abindranath Tagore Centre for Human Values, sponsored by Ambuja Realty, in Kolkata.

Debangshu Chakraborty (1976, Ph.D., BIT - Mesra) has gained multi-disciplinary exposure as a Corporate Executive, Corporate Trainer, Author, Researcher and an Academic during the last twelve years. Before joining Ambuj a Realty as Deputy General Manager - HR, he had served as Senior Manager-Corp HR in the Rs. 6,000 crores Varroc Group of Companies at Aurangabad (Maharsashtra). Prior to that he had been an Assistant Professor in the Department of Management at Birla Institute of Techonology, Mesra (Ranchi). During the same period he had co-authored / edited five books from Oxford University Press, Rupa, Macmillan India etc. on subjects ranging from Leadership and Motivation, Spirituality in Management to Human Values and Ethics. He has offered more than 3,000 mandays of training for the senior executives of Maharatna companies like SAIL and NTPC, BEL as well as for the Navaratna companies like BPCL and PGCI till date. As a researcher, he has published several analytical papers in international and national journals. He was also invited to present papers in International Conferences at Tokyo (Japan) and Stockholm (Sweden). He is an alumnus of R.K. Mission Narendrapur.

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