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Year of Publication : 2016

No. Of Pages : 182

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About The Book

The world is going through turbulent change. Chaos rules our lives, and creates the stress making human life unbearable.

Having been part of the corporate world for the last 14 years, a thought always overcame me, how could I contribute to build a better place, where human beings could live in harmony.

The book is an effort in the journey of creating a better world, where human beings are able to understand each other better, and are able to bring the joy in pure existence.

Understanding the mindset is a crucial aspect, which each individual should undertake, especially when he or she is running an organization, institute or a family. With extensive research on Human Behaviour, and with my own personal experience in the field of Human Resources, I was able to capture the fine elements, which differentiate people.

The findings, in my years of involvement in my profession, helped me to articulate incidences, and present them in a manner, where the reader can easily integrate it, to his or her own very experiences.

The AGPL formula became the antidote, to the crisis we face in our relationships. Knowing their core mindset, will help individuals, come to terms with their fellow human beings, and will enable them to understand, why they behave in the manner they do.


Contents -

1. Understanding the Core Mindset – Crucial in Modern Day Workplace
2. Characteristics and Traits
3. Leadership Types
4. Right Behaviour at the Right Job
5. Understanding Human Behaviour in Different Work Environments
6. Best Core Mindset Combos in a Workplace
7. Failing to Understand the Mindset Can Lead to a Downfall

About The Author

Dr. Shubalaxmi is a Behavioural Scientist and Strategic Human Resource Consultant, with 14 years of experience, that includes, 7 years in Talent Sourcing, Workforce Behaviour and Leadership Audit and the balance in Operations domain in the Manufacturing Sector.

She is a certified Examiner for Quality Management at IMC RBNQA Trust which is based on Malcolm Balridge criteria of U.S.A. and has won the Certificate of Excellence in 2013 award cycle.

She is a regular column writer for various magazines and her articles include:
"PASSION at Work" - Empowered Teacher (PFLA) - Nov. 2015.
"The Entrepreneurial Mindset" - MACCIA - Aug. 2015.
"An Insight into Future Careers" - Empowered Teacher (PFLA) - May 2015.
"MSME Growth - An Insight into Talent Selection" - MACCIA Jan 2015.

Through in-depth interviews of over 4000 candidates across management cadre and intensive research on human behaviour, she has developed the Core Mindset Mapping (CMM) tool to understand the inner Mindset of individuals.

Few of her works as a speaker and presenter include :
- "Talent Sourcing for MSME Growth" at Golden Maharashtra Manufacturing Summit 2015
- "Youth 2020 - New Age Career Opportunities" at MMP Educational and Professional Forum.
- "Think Tomorrow - A Campus Initiative" to over 5000 management and engineering students in premier institutes.
- "Mentor" at the first ever GIA Jewellery Career Fair - 2011.

She has empowered budding women entrepreneurs through in-depth Skills Training (Macreme) for setting up independent enterprise and developed cretive skills among underprivileged girls as a contribution to social cause.

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