The Rascal`s Life : I

ISBN Number : 978-93-5024-757-0

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2011

No. Of Pages : 86

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About The Book

Is Management Education a passport to king-size life?

Does a B school tag really take your life on a rollercoaster ride?

Does an MBA degree really gift you the Armani`s and Ferrari`s?

One single exam on a fine Sunday makes your career; get you the hottest girl in the town, make you go places and then you are caught up in your fancy world.

Wake up! All set to become the weirdo for the rest and the true champion for yourself!

Do you want to make your own way while others jostle in the crowd?

Welcome to the Rascal`s Club and be proud to be one!!!

In today`s world of cut-throat competition, THE RASCAL`s LIFE is all about Ashok Kumar, an youngster from a middle-class family with his unique style of thinking, killer attitude, silent humour and relentless passion who goes through a lot of emotions, ups and downs before realising his dream and thereby delivering a beautiful message for all the youngsters to give a perfect finish to the story.


Contents -

1. Introductions
2. The Decision
3. First Year
4. Ragging
5. Impressions
6. Second Year
7. The Project
8. English Kitchdi
9. Final Year
10. Placement Time
11. Cross Roads
12. Farewell
13. The Mission Begins
14. Heart Break
15. The Chase Continues
16. The U-Turn
17. Cloud Nine
18. Dream Come True

About The Author

Burra Naga Trinadh, called "BNT" in friends circle is an alumnus of Institute of Rural Management Anand, IRMA. As a young management thinker his paper titled "Druckerism" was rated in the world top 40 by the Peter Drucker Society Europe, Vienna in 2011. He writes for the Hindu Businessline on development and rural issues. Currently he works in the development sector and also an advisory member to the board of Hyderabad Business School. Hailing from the city of destiny "Visakhapatnam", he was passionate about writing and public speaking from his school days. He wrote short stories, articles, essays and poems from his school days and one day his Professor at college gave him a compliment for his article by calling him "Mr. Emotional Thinker", which eventually became his pen name. He aspires to become a Statesman someday and wants to reach out the people, especially the Youth through his writings and thus there is "Barefoot Brigade".

Book Reviews

Interview taken by Niyati Rana (Reporter DNA Ahmedabad).
The following matter is taken from the DNA Ahmedabad Newspaper.

Trinadh hopes book will help students understand real impression of mgmt edu
IRMA student-cum-author says
MBA is not everything in life

A final year student at the Institute of Rural Management, Anand (IRMA) is the latest to join the club of management students turning novelists. B Naga Trinadh`s first book, titled `The Rascal`s Life`, hit bookstands on February 25.

According to the author, the book is written to make MBA aspirants go beyond management education and sends across the message he believes in - Don`t follow the herd mentality, follow you passion and choose your career.

"Estimates say around 7 lakh students aspire to get admission in topnotch B-schools in the country. My message to all such aspirants is to know the truth behind promises made by B-schools before following the herd mentality and joining them," says Trinadh.

"The book deals with questions like - Is management education a passport to a king-size life? Does a Bschool tag really take your life on a rollercoaster ride? Does an MBA degree really gift you Armanis and Ferraris? The novel takes the reader through the ups and downs of the protagonist - Ashok Kumar,who like lakhs of students wants to get into an IIM, but fails. However, he still holds on to his dreams, including getting Sapna, his girlfriend who gets into an IIM," said Trinadh explaining the plot of the fictional novel.

Trinadh hopes that the book will help students understand the real impression of management education in India. Trinadh also hopes to send across a message that even if you do not make it to a top B-school, it`s not the end of life, but rather, a new beginning. "There is no life where there is no passion.

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