Sustainable CSR

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Year of Publication : 2016

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About The Book

This book is divided into four sections each concentrating on different core aspects of CSR. The first section deals with CSR Concepts which takes you through the journey of history of CSR, briefing about the Social Causes and Sustainability.

The second section of the book is CSR and Measurement with a focus on Social Angle and traverses through measurement of Social Projects, CSR Life Cycle, CSR Indexes and Benchmarking Indicators.

In third section, you graduate with the governance angle from CSR and Corporate Governance and learn in-depth knowledge about Code of Ethics, CSR Laws in India and Internationally along with their application.

Lastly, we focus on CSR and Strategic Management with concentration on sustainability. This section enables us to think about CSR Business Cases, CSR Policy, Framework and Developing Strategy.

Each section empowers you with a brief knowledge of the topics included in CSR.


Contents -

Section 1
1. What is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?
2. What are Social Causes?
3. Sustainability
Section 2
4. CSR and Measurement
5. CSR Index
6. Benchmarking Tools in CSR
Section 3
7. CSR and Corporate Governance
8. Corporate Codes of Conduct and Ethics
9. CSR Laws
Section 4
10. CSR and Business
11. CSR Policy and Framework
12. CSR and Strategy

About The Author

Harsha Mukherjee, is an entrepreneur who studied Engineering and Management in India and the US. After starting her venture "Pearls and Pashminas" in the US and working in the Middle East, she started her first Social Venture - Ekjaa in India. Ms. Harsha Mukherjee was awarded National Social Entrepreneur Fellow (NSEF - 2011) and selected as one of the "Top 10 Indian Women Entrepreneurs" by DELL Women Entrepreneur Network (DWEN-2012). She also recognized the emerging significance of CSR and guided various private and public sector companies in developing their CSR strategy.

She has served organizations such as IndiaCSR, Soul Ace, Indian Center for CSR (ICCSR) among them. she has been awarded CSR Visionary of 2012 by Lakshya Bhartiya Foundation (LBF) and CSR Women Leader - 2012 by Institute of Public Enterprises (IPE), GIANTS International Award (2013) for committed work in noble services and Women Excellence in CSR (2014) by Lala Management Institute - Mumbai. In 2012, she founded CSR Development Stories Pvt. Ltd. and in 2013 co-founded CSR advisors both the businesses are in CSR Consultation. In order, to fill the gap of CSR knowledge, she has launched "International Institute of CSR" in 2015. Ms. Mukherjee has authored book "Sustainable CSR (CSR Basics)".

She has consulted on CSR Projects to NGOs such as Empower People (Haryana) working on human trafficking issue, Each One Teach One (Mumbai), Shekinah Foundation and Network for Physically Disabled Organization (NPDO) (both working in differently abled), Naandi Foundation, Omkar Builders - Corporate House, Living Guard - Water Purification Social Venture and other similar organizations. She also runs Ekjaa Foundation where they run public libraries in the slums of Mumbai. At present, the library has 7000 books and regularly conducts books donation camps in school, colleges and public places such as malls.

Book Reviews

It is greatly encouraging to see yound dynamic Indians, such as Harsha, thinking about CSR and taking the subject further to help Indian business and institutions further their concerns on development as well as catch up with the international community.

- Prof. Dr. Michael Hopkins,
Founder and CEO, MHCI International Pvt. Ltd.,
CSR and Finance Institute - Geneva.

Harsha Mukherjee is as possionate about CSR as a painter is about her art or musician about their music. After years of following up with the developments that have shaped the evolution of corporate social responsibility legislation and practices and its teaching, internationally and in India, she has put together a primer that is concise, an executive's handbook and a learner's delight.

- Satish Jha,
Founder and Principal, Ashcroft,
Sullivan Jha, Boston, MA, USA

This book is an important landmark for the practitioners and people engaged in CSR activities to understand and apply CSR tools. The book covers both the theory and practical aspects and is a great guide in the journey of CSR.

- Kewal Handa,
Founder, Conexus Social Responsibility.

This book on Corporate Social Responsibility by Harsha Mukherjee and Himalaya Publishers will go a long way in educating them. I compliment them for this book. I recommend this book to everyone who is really concerned with the CSR and its implementation for the benefit of the society.

- Nanik Rupani,
Chairman Emeritus,
Priyadarshni Academy.

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