Advanced Accounting Vol - II

ISBN Number : 978-93-5299-177-8

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Book Edition : Seventh

Year of Publication : 2023

No. Of Pages : 712

Book Weight :868

About The Book

We are happy to bring out the sixth thoroughly revised and enlarged edition of our book and present it to the valuable readers and users of our book.

The whole text has been completely revised and updated incorporating more than 200 new problems set in the most recent professional / university examinations, as illustrations and exercises. The text has been revised, wherever necessary, in the light of the current provisions of the law and practice. While revising the book the suggestions made by our enlightened readers have been taken care of for improvement/correction and we thank our readers for their very valuable suggestions and opinions.

We are confident that the latest edition would receive, as in the case of earlier editions. The appreciation of the teachers of accounting and the students of B.Com., M.Com., M.B.A., C.A., I.C.W.A., Company Secretaries and other professional examinations and university courses.


Contents -


2. Debentures

3. Profit or Loss Prior to Incorporation

4. Final Accounts of Companies

5. Valuation of Goodwill and Shares

6. Amalgamation, absorption and External Reconstruction

7. Alteration of Share Capital and Internel Reconstruction

8. Liquidation

9. Insurance Companies

10. Banking Companies

11. Holding Companies

12. Double Account System (Including Accounts of Electricity Concern)

13. Accounting Ratios and Criticism of Published Accounts

14. Government Accounts

15. Inflation Accounting

16. Human Resource Accounting

17. Social Responsibility Accounting

About The Author

Dr. M. A. Arulanandam -

M.Com., Ph.D.Professor & Head, Department of Commerce, Alagappa University, Karaikudi-630004.

Dr. K. S. Raman - M.Com, M.Phil., Ph.D.Department of Commerce,Sourashtra College, Madurai-625 004.

Book Reviews

The book is the labour of a long producing a comprehensive and integrated volume on advanced. accountancy with a very clear and elusive approach. Advanced Accountancy is a discipline which covers a long syllabus with intricate subjects and demanding levels of understanding and for a student of ordinary competence and a common approach. It becomes very often difficult to grapple with the basic problem of understanding. Here is a book which after a period of long wait goes threadbare into the ramifying details of the syllabus of the various professional institutes as well as ideally catering to the commerce syllabi of various universities at both graduate and post-graduate levels.

The book -runs into two parts and fifty chapters. There is not a single element of textual matter which has been left out of consideration of the authors, much to the benefit of all the students of all categories and classes. The book delves deep into each problem with problem solved picked up from questions of universities and professional institutes and in the entire peris-opic mainframe of the book, the authors are always alive to the specific as well as general angles of view. In this regard, the book is a most ideal fit for the kit of the commerce and accountancy students throughout the country and with this practical approach the work can be labelled as the most excellent one of its type and description.



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