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Book Edition : Tenth

Year of Publication : 2018

No. Of Pages : 808

Book Weight :1430

About The Book

This book is intended to be a complete introduction to the medical and engineering entrance examinations that should be useful at several levels of reader expertise. There is a geniune need for good books among subjects which deals with the subject in greater depth and covers all the concepts at a slightly more advance level. An attempt has been made to include a variety of topics and prepare a comprehensive book on subject of Physics.

An aim of this book is to motivate the students and helping students see the relevance and excitements of the Physics they are studying with wide-ranging and various applications in science, technology and every day cite. This book is prepared with the sole aim to provide a textbook for the intermediate education and book for students preparing for various competitive examinations at the state level as well as all-India level.

In each chapter, concepts like force and environment, free body diagram, pseudo and real forces, etc. have been introduced.


Contents -

1. Unit and Dimension
2. Kinematics
3. Laws of Motion and Circular Motion
4. Work, Power and Energy
5. Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body
6. Gravitation
7. Elasticity, Pressure, Viscocity, Fluid and Surface Tension
8. Heat and Thermodynamics
9. Behaviour of Gas and Kinetic Theory
10. Oscillation and Waves
11. Wave Optics
12. Refraction of Light and Optical Instruments
13. Electrostatics and Capacitor
14. Current Electricity
15. Heating Effect of Current
16. Magnetic Effect of Current and Magnetism
17. Electromagnetic Induction
18. Alternating Current
19. Electron-photon, Photoelectric Effect and X-ray
20. Solids and Semi-conductors
21. MHT-CET Question Papers

About The Author

Prof. M.T. Dharmadhikari got his PG degree in Physics in first class in 1965 from RTM, Nagpur University and immediately joined a reputed local college as lecturer. He taught nearly all branches of Physics to the different degree classes for a long period for 38 years and retired in 2003 after superannuation. He was known as an excellent teacher in Physics in the student-world. For last 10 years of his service, he worked as Head of Department of Physics in the same institute.      

He joined FIP programme and COSIP programme of UGC from 1978 to 1983 and got rice experience of research.      

He also was elected for two terms on Board of Studies of the university and helped modernize the syllabus of degree and PG classes in Physics.    

He joined a group of enthusiastic and devoted teachers. The group was involved in coaching students for various competitive examinations like NTSE, IIJ-JE, SEEE, AIEEE, central CBSE PMT for long period.    

He has attended many workshops in Physics, National and International Seminars held by different universities and Maharashtra Government.    

He has authored many books on Physics for +2 levels and also for degree classes. These books were very well received by students and teachers.    

He has used his long teaching and research experience and put in very much hard work in writing this book and is sure that book will serve an efficient guide to the students appearing for various competitive examinations.      

He wishes bright success and very good health to all students and teachers. 

Ankit Kumar Arora

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