Market Structure and Cost Analysis

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Book Edition : Second

Year of Publication : 2013

No. Of Pages : 206

About The Book

Economic is an essential discipline of study in social science. It is also being a science has the ability to analysis, systematise and make an objective study. An a science, it also contributes for progress. This discipline's main theme is to study the economic behavior of the society. Dispassion of Science has exhibited in all the areas of study of economics.

In business world, businessmen will have the core competence to run their business only in certain areas. They are confronted with several problems which they cannot solve with their business acumen. The tools and laws of economics can provide certain solutions dispassionately. Economic laws are generously used to solve business problems. In this context a new discipline has emerged called Managerial Economics or Business Economics which deals in the application of economic laws to solve business problems. This new discipline has become an essential subject of study in business education in all the universities.

This book is written no provide knowledge about the application of Market Structure and Cost Analysis. Besides, the title covers the syllabus cantent of commerce and business studies of various universities including the 2nd semester syllabus of B.Com, Tumkur University which is introduced from the economic academic year 009-10. This is written in a simple style and new dimensions of learning such as skill development and learning exercises are given. We wish that students will make use of information for enhancing their knowledge.


Contents -

Unit – 1: Market Structure
Chapter – 1 Perfect Competition
Chapter – 2 Pricing Under Monopoly
Chapter – 3 Pricing Under Monopolistic Competition
Chapter – 4 Oligopoly and Duopoly
Unit – 2: Demand
Chapter – 5 Demand Analysis
Chapter – 6 Elasticity of Demand
Chapter – 7 Demand Forecasting
Unit – 3: Production & Cost Analysis
Chapter – 8 Production Analysis – I
Chapter – 9 Production Analysis – II
Chapter – 10 Cost Analysis
Unit – 4: Pricing Policies
Chapter 11 Pricing Policies and Pricing Methods
Unit – 5: Cost of Capital & Capital Budgeting
Chapter – 12 Cost of Capit

About The Author

Prof. H.R. Appannaiah, is an erudite scholar and a prolific writer. He has promoted educational institutions and has a teaching experience of over 50 years, serving in the capacity of professor, principal and the director of postgraduate center. He has widely traveled abroad and has presented many research papers in national and international conferences. He has authored over 90 titles on Commerce and Management subjects, catering to the needs of graduate and postgraduate studies in Commerce and Management. He is a member of Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Karnataka and has served as Chairman of Business Education Committee, besides being the member of International Trade Committee, IT Committee and Tourism Committee. He has founded Federation of Teachers` Councils of Commerce and Management in Karnataka to revamp business education. As a Founder President, he has contributed to give a new turn to business education in Karnataka. At the instance of the Federation, Government of Karnataka appointed a high-powered committee to restructure business education in Karnataka for which he was appointed as a member.

His contribution to commerce and management literature in KANADA (state language) is immeasurable. Glossary of business concepts in Kannada covering over 4,000 concepts on Finance, Marketing, HRM and Accounting authored by him is an academic marvel. This work is acclaimed as a classic literature of its own kind on Commerce and Management in Kannada.

Tumkur University has conferred on Prof. H.R. Appannaiah, Doctor of Letters for his thesis on business education. Considering his contribution to business education, Tumkur University (Karnataka) has honored him by conferring "Honorary Professor of Management".

Dr. P.N. Reddy -

Ph.D. Director,

K.K.E.C.S. Institute of Management, Bangalore,

Former Dean & Chairman, Department of P.G. Studies in Commerce and Management,

Bangalore university.

Prof. S. Shanthi has a M.A. and M.Phil. degree in Economics, gold medalist in M.A. and a university rank holder in M.Phil. (Madurai Kamaraj University) and also MBA degree froth Allahabad University.

Prof. S. Shanthi is currently a Faculty of Economics and Entrepreneurship in the Mount Carmel College, Bangalore. She has 16 years of teaching experience in the undergraduate and 5 years of teaching for the postgraduate level. Recently, she has developed a passion for entrepreneurship education and taken a keen interest in spreading the awareness of the same among the students. She is a faculty member of National Entrepreneurial Network. She has done EEC (Entrepreneurship Educators Course) offered by Stanford Ventures - USA, IIMB & NEN and EEDC (Entrepreneurship Educators Development Course from ISB, Hyderabad) to enhance her teaching knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship. She is a certified Entrepreneurship educator. She is currently undergoing Mentors Certificate Program of London Business School, Goldman Sachs & NEN. She is also a member of Women Entrepreneur`s Committee of FKCCI.

Prof. S. Shanthi has presented papers in the international and national conferences and she also conducted various students workshops on idea generation, opportunity evaluation etc. She has also written case studies.

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