Financial Management

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Book Edition : Fourth

Year of Publication : 2017

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About The Book

The book with a comprehensive coverage and scientific structure canted around the decision-making process was first published in 1997 with a view to familiarizing the learners with the latest concepts and theories relevant to financial decision and acquainting them with around skills and techniques necessary for the effective for the effective decision making.

While the primary objective of the book remain unchanged, the fourth edition has been thoroughly revised essentially not only to extensively update the entire chapters but also to provide global perspective to financial management. Thus, redeeming features of the present edition are:

- Extensively updating all the chapters by incorporating new financial theories, concepts and practices:
- Strengthening almost all the chapters by adding new problems and their solution and practice materials.
- Adding three new chapters in introduction section. Viz., Time Value of Money, Risk-return Perspective and Valuation of An Enterprise and its Securities.
- Adding a new section on Corporate Restructuring and Strategic Alliances, comprising three chapters, viz., Corporate Restructuring;
- Adding another new section on International Financial Management to focus on global dimensions of financial management. This section comprises the following eight chapter:

- Concept and Dimensions of International Financial Management
- International Financial Flows
- Management of Foreigh Exchange Market
- Regulation of Foreign Exchange Market
- Cost of Capital for MNCs
- Working Capital Management for MNCs
- Capital Budgeting for MNCs
- International Portfolio Investment

With is Immanent traits and thrust on global dimensions, the revised edition is expected to best suit the needs of practicing managers and students of management and commerce other sacral management programmes.


Contents -

Section 1 Introduction

1. Nature and Scope of Financial Management

2. Financial Information System

3. Time Value of Money

4. Risk – Return Parspective

5. Valuation of An Enterprise
Section 2 Tools of Financial Analysis

6. Financial Statements and Financial Analysis

7. Techniques of Financial Analysis

8. Ratio Analysis

9. Funds Flow Statement

10. Profit Planning

11. Financial Forecasting
Section 3 Investment Decisions

12. Capital Expenditure Decisions

13. Investment Decision Methods

14. Risk in Investment Decisions

15. Cost of Capital

16. Portfolio Management
Section 4 Working Capital Management

17. Working Capital Management – An Aggregate View

18. Management of Cash

19. Management of Inventory

20. Management of Receivables
Section 5 Financial Instruments

21. Equity Stock Financing

22. Preferred Financing

23. Debenture Financing

24. Warrants and Convertibles

25. Term Loans

26. Lease Financing

27. Venture Capital

28. Commercial Paper

29. Factoring

30. Trade Credit

31. Financial Derivatives

32. Securitization of Assets
Section 6 Long-term Financing Decision

33. Capital Structure Decisions

34. Financial Leverage

35. Determining Optimal Level of Debt

36. Capital Structure and Valuation of Enterprise
Section 7 Dividend Decision

37. Dividend Policy and Valuation of Enterprise

38. Dividend Policies and Decisions
Section 8 Corporate Restructuring and Strategic Alliances

39. Corporate Restructuring

40. Financial Restructuring

41. Strategic Alliances
Section 9 International Financial Management

42. Concept and Dimensions of International Financial Management

43. International Financial Flows

44. Management of Foreign Exchange Market

45. Regulation of Foreign Exchange Market

46. Cost of Capital For MNCs

47. Working Capital Management For MNCs

48. Capital Budgeting For MNCs

49. International Portfolio Investment

About The Author

Prof. R.M. Srivastava, a Ph.D. has been Senior Professor of Management, and Head and Dean, Faculty of Management Studies, B.H.U. He also served as Professor of Management at the Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok. Taking cognizance of his dexterous experience and experties, he was nominated as Directory by the Government of India on the Board of Northern Coal Fields (Coal India Group). Expert Member of the All India Management Panel of the UGC and AICTE and Panel Member of Management in the Ministry of HRD.

Besides providing training and updating university teachers as UGC resource person and coordinating several Quality Improvement Programmes of AICTE, he has been regularly conducting in-house Management Development Programmes for the managers of various financial and industrial organizations to develop their skills and competencies. He has made seminal contribution in the fields of management through publications of 118 research papers and management tratises in the area of strategic management and finance.

Prof. Srivastava is presently a Team Member of National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), Government of India.

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