A Book of Mathematics Through Questions and Answers

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2016

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About The Book

The present book “A Book of Mathematics Through Questions and Answers” is exclusively designed from the point of gilding the students to prepare thoroughly for their annual examination of second year of pre-university course of Karnataka state. Thereby the subject matter is dealt in the form of Question and Answer pattern, to enable the students to know the quantum of answers that has to be written in the examination

The Hallmarks
All NCERT problems are soloed including problems given in miscellaneous exercise.
Hints for the objective questions given in the text book are provided.
Alternative approach to solve the problems.
Questions arranged accounting to relevance.
Additional problems are provided wherever found necessary
Five Model Question Papers are given for practice (this includes 3 questions papers provided by PU Broad)


Contents -

1. Relations
2. Function and Binary Relations
3. Inverse Trigonometric Function
4. Matrices
5. Determinants
6. Differential Calculus
7. Application of Derivatives
8. Indefinite Integrals
9. Definite Integrals
10. Application of Definite Integrals
11. Differential Equations
12. Vector Algebra
13. Three Dimensional Geometry
14. Linear Programming
15. Probability
Model Question Papers

About The Author

G.K. Ranganath -

Formerly Professor of Mathematics AES National College,

Gauribidanur - 564 208.

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