Covenant With Eyes

ISBN Number : 978-93-5262-084-5

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2016

No. Of Pages : 126

Book Weight :176

About The Book

'COVENANT WITH EYES', deals with some of the doctrines of Christian faith. This is a non-controversial and very interesting stuff and bound to get the nod of every single Christian and different divisions of Christianity. Even people belonging to the hard-core denominations of Christian brotherhood will approve this book with appreciation.

Most of the things explained in this book are not known to the general Christian public. The way these things were narrated will attract both Christians and non-Christians too.

This is a not a routine type of religious book, which we find everyday on stands for dime a dozen. This is a kind of research oriented book, but cleverly told to reach and connect with the common Christian folks. All care was taken to avoid the run of the mill type Sunday sermons and intelligently narrated to appease both the scholars and the commons alike.


Contents -

1. Covenant with Eyes
2. Baptism
3. Fasting
4. Tongue
5. Tongues, Visions and Dreams
6. Healing
7. Prayer
8. The Bible
9. The Potter's House
10. Christmas
11. The End

About The Author

GOLLAPUDI RESHEPU was born in Tenali, a culturally vibrant town in Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh. He studied M.Sc. (Technology) in Applied Geology, in Andhra University.

His other qualifications are,
1. Bachelor of Theology.
2. Post Graduate Diploma in Communication and Journalism.
3. ARPS, Associate of Royal Photographic Society, London, for his Photo Documentary on Indian Post Box, in Visual Journalism category.
4. FFIP, Fellow of Federation of Indian Photography, for his outstanding works in the field of Photography.
5. Presently pursuing Ph.D. in Biblical Studies from University of Jerusalem. He started writing Telugu poetry and short stories, from a very young age. Many of his stories and poems were published in various Telugu magazines. Two of his stories won awards also. He maintained a column, in a Telugu weekly regularly, for two years, which has become very popular and was also followed by many readers.

He is a good music composer also. He wrote the lyrics and composed music for three of his own audio albums.

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