Synthetic Organic Chemistry

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Book Edition : Fourth

Year of Publication : 2020

No. Of Pages : 902

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About The Book

As this book has been gaining icreasing popularity, I feel pleasure to the present the Fourth Revised and Enlarged Edition of this book. In this edition 50 new pages have been added. Five chapters have been rewritten and the following new chapters have been added.

1 . Antidiabetic drugs
2 . Anti-inflammatory drugs
3 . AIDS and HIV
4 . Vaccine and Antisera
5 . New question with answers

In the revision of the different concepts in this book, every possible effort has been made to incorporate latest syntheses in a simple and lucid style.


Contents -

1. Introduction to Dyes
2. General Information About Fibres and Dyeing Methods
3. Classification of Dyes on the Basis of Mode of Application
4. Chemical Classification of Dyes
5. Colour and Chemical Constitution
6. Chemistry of Dyestuff Intermediates
7. Nitro Dyes
8. Nitroso Dyes
9. Azo Dyes
10. Azoic Dyes(Ingrain Azo Dyes)
11. Diphenylmethane Dyes
12. Triphenylemethane Dyes
13. Phthaleins
14. Xanthene Dyes
15. Heterocyclic Dyes
16. Thioindigos and Indigos
17. Anthraquinone Dyes
18. Phthalocyanines
19. Sulphur Dyes
20. Reactive Dyes
21. Pigments
22. Fluorescent Brightening Agents
23. Non-Textile Uses of Dyestuffs
24. Acridine Dyes
25. Thiazole Dyes
26. Ingrain Dyes
27. Solubilised Vat Dyes
28. Sulphurised Vat Dyes
29. Lactone, Amino Ketone and Hydroxy Ketone Dyes
30. Indamines and Indophenols
31. Azines
32. Oxazines
33. Thiazines
34. Cyanine Dyes
35. Dyes for Synthetic Fibres
36. Synthesis of Some Specific Dyes
37. Important Question
1. Introduction
2. Classification and Nomenclature of Drugs
3. Theories of Drug Action
4. Assay of Drugs and Metabolism of Drugs
5. Relation of Chemical Structure and Chemical Activity
6. Hypnotics, Sedatives and Anticonvulsants
7. Tranquillizers ( Selective Modifiers of CNS)
8. Centerl NErvous System Stimulants
9. Cholinergic and Anticholinergic Agents
10. Adrenergic Stimulants and Blocking Agents
11. Histamine and Antihistaminic Agents
12. Anaesthet

About The Author

Dr. Gurdeep R. Chatwal is widely known for writing several popular text books, monographs and encyclopedia on different aspects on chemistry, environmental science and pharmaceutical chemistry. He got his M.Sc. from Roorkee University (Now I.I.T. Roorkee) and Ph.D. from University of Delhi. At present he is working as Reader in Chemistry in D.S. College, University of Delhi. He had also taught in IARI, Pusa, New Delhi, M.M.H. College, Meerut University and S.G.T.B. Khalsa College, Delhi.

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