Principles of Management (AP Univ)

ISBN Number : 978-93-5262-197-2

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2016

No. Of Pages : 278

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About The Book

This book has been written to serve for the commerce and management students those who are interested in the field of marketing. Now a days studying and understanding “Principles of Management” is required for the success of a company in the competitive market place and individual in the workplace. This book will help to understand the marketing and services managemen accurately because of the simple explanation of each and every concepts with suitable example.

The impossible becomes possible to the endowed with resourcefulness. It is with immense pleasure we record our indebtedness to our parents and family members for the encouragement and timely support in completing the book.

The book has a user a user-friendly design, featuring margin notes and definitions that emphasize important concepts. Exercises geared towards each units central ideas consolidate the acquired knowledge. An extensive and innovative use of graphs facilitates access and enhances learning success.



Unit 1. Introduction to Management
Unit 2. Planning
Unit 3. Organizing
Unit 4. Staffing, Controlling and Co-ordination
Unit 5. Emerging Issues In Management

About The Author

K. Ratna -


M.Com, MBA, MDBA (Fin), M.Phil, APSET

Avinash College of Commerce, Hyderabad.

Revathi Devi Mathur -

M.Com., M.Phil.

Head, Department of Commerce,

Villamaric Degree College, Hyderabad.

Kavitha Thakur -

M.Com, M.Phil,

Asst. Prof., Department of Commerce,

St. Marys Degree College, Hyderabad.

P. Satyavathi -

Department of Commerce,

Aurora`s Degree and P. G. College,

Chikadpally, Hyderabad - 500 020.

D.S. Vittal -

M.Com, LLM

Associate Professor,

E-Thames Degree College, Hyderabad.

Dr. K. Anjaneyulu -

M.Com, MBA, MEd, PhD.

Reader, Department of Commerce,

Badruka College of Commerce and Arts,

Hyderabad - 27.

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