Gateway for Mathematical Physics

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Year of Publication : 2016

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About The Book

Mathematical methods describe various analytical approaches for finding solution to the given physical problem. However, it becomes equally important to appreciate physical significance of mathematical solutions. Hence, importance is given to highlight physical significance of mathematical solutions wherever applicable.

The book is written mainly for average (non-star) students. Hence, every important step of derivation or solution is included.

Some of the model questions and answers provided at the end of each chapter will help the students on how to address typical questions in the examination.

Integration by parts and partial fraction method are reviewed in Annexure A and B as they are frequently used in many chapters.


Contents -

1. Coordinate System
2. Vector Integration
3. Vector Integral Theorems
4. Matrices
5. Tensors
6. Power Series Methods
7. Beta and Gamma Functions
8. Special Functions
9. Function of Complex Variable
10. Fourier Series
11. Laplace Transformation
12. Fourier Transformation
13. Partial Differential Equation
14. Sturm Lioville Equation
15. Green Function
Annexure A: Integration by Parts
Annexure B: Partial Fraction
Annexure C: Question Bank

About The Author

Dr. Chitakudige Ramachandra -


Department of Physics,

Centre for Postgraduate Studies,

Jain University, Bengaluru - 560011.

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